Beta 0.9

Tailor Tales beta 0.9 is now out. Want to help beta-test? Then download one of the links below. Download the one that says With RTP if you do not have RPG Maker VX/RTP installed. Download the one without it if you do.

Without RTP (68 MB):

With RTP (99 MB):
(if download links are set to private, it means beta testing is over)

Everyone, read the text file – it tells you what to test for and what the controls are.

Please download either WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the files.

If you are getting errors installing the one with RTP, then just delete that entire folder, go to the RPG Maker VX website and download the RTP over there, install it, and then simply download the one without RTP in this post, and everything should work.

Please read the text file included (though I know most of you won’t, but try to) to see what you need to test for, the controls, and differences from beta 0.8.5. I also included the images for Bill’s and James’s schedule if you are having trouble finding them.

For newcomers, here’s an image to guide you through the player’s house:

Report any bugs you find on this post, or in any of the development threads I have created on separate forums.

Happy testing!

Known bugs in beta 0.9


These are the bugs that have already been found:

– Staying in Bill’s house (3 hearts) when it hits 10:00 or 14:00 makes you unable to move until the next hour kicks in.

– Seeing James walk out of his home (3 hearts) means you are unable to leave the 2nd floor due to an invisible blockage near the stairs.

– Slight lagging of rain/snow/storm when exiting the menu.

– Despite there only being 100 floors at the digsite, you can still fall through cracks which will let you exceed this number.

– NPCs stop moving if you try to interact with them.

– Bill’s schedule can be somewhat inconsistent inside of his house.

– Not dying anything renders the menu inaccessible until you make some yarn, cloth, clothing or go to sleep.

– James’s schedule on Monday in District 2 doesn’t work correctly.

– In the dress sewing menu, the Flax dress option has permanent arrows on it.

– Rain BGS sound carries over to the titlescreen.

50 thoughts on “Beta 0.9

  1. I am downloading it now ^^.
    I’ll let you know later on how it went, but I think it is going to be fun. I can’t wait for the game to be finished. x3

  2. hey first of all I love this Game! it seems so fun and I can’t wait to play the finished version.
    Anyway, when I went to town hall to sell the stuff I picked up, I noticed on the bar in the top left corner of the menu only showed the items I picked up as a purple silk scarf. This seems to only happen to items you can pick up from the ground around town (excluding the mines).
    This really is just a small animation glitch but I thought I should just let you know. :)

    • Hi Claire,

      I thought the same thing about the scarf image but I think I read below that the picture is just a placeholder. Isn’t this exciting? I’m glad you’re looking forward to the whole game too!

      This is the first time I’ve beta tested anything and I’m grateful for the chance. All the guys look so cute! I read all the comments below and the readme but a couple of the things I’ll mention didn’t quite seem to be covered so I thought I should tell you just in case as well (if they’re irrelevant points and you already know about any of it, then my apologies).

      Went into Bill’s house at 10:00 and got stuck there *without three hearts*. Went into James’ house at 16:00 Wednesday and got stuck at the entrance *without three hearts*.

      I went into the cave on Tuesday. The outside theme could be heard faintly below the cave theme and when I collapsed the cave/faint-outside-theme carried over into my house. Then it seemed to resolve when I left my house. I noticed the digits indicating floor level were still visible. They only reset and disappeared after entering and exiting the cave level 1.

      In Calvin’s shop (I realise this was just a test now but in case it helps) when he asks how much wool you want I pressed S for the menu and the 4 boys’ heart meters appeared. You can still buy wool or not and then the menu screen fully appears upon finishing the interaction. Pressing Z (when the wool digits are 00) also makes the menu screen fully appear, discarding the interaction.

      When I got to level 63 in the cave I think there was a glitch or something.

      There was a phantom that looked like a miner. I went near him and he tried to say something but disappeared and I never saw him again. Also at level 80 there was a giant rat with blood dripping out it’s mouth and it tried to kill me but I managed to climb away before it had a chance. Unfortunately though I only made it up a few more floors before I tripped on a rock and ran out of energy.

      I was growing so hungry lying there on the floor that I started eating my own boots (which I had tailored that morning). Hours later I was starting to hallucinate due to dehydration and I saw Roy swaggering over but I could only cling desparately to his trousers as I was unable to speak. “Joselina!? What happened? Joselina? Can you hear me?” he asked with such concern and love saturated in his voice. I managed to look into his eyes and sputter, “Why…? My last sight… Why couldn’t you… have been Bill (or at least Calvin)?”

      He looked forlorn and hurt while his heart meter pulmeted to nothing and that huge rat from earlier clawed it’s way up a hole behind him. Then the game crashed and I cried all night long.

      • Sometimes, your imagination runs into insanity.

        Thanks for testing, the only bug you reported that was an actual bug was the fainting in the cave and the floor number not disappearing and the cave theme carrying over to the house.

        And the ‘The outside theme could be heard faintly below the cave theme’ part, you must have been hearing things because it is impossible for the game engine to run two BGMs at the same time.

        The rest can be discarded/already found out.

      • “Sometimes, your imagination runs into insanity.” Was that supposed to be a compliment? I was only joking about the last bits. I just thought it would give you a laugh.

  3. HELLO, FELLOW BETA-TESTERS!!! Here’s something you might wanna know.

    If your menu isn’t working, make something using the sewing machine or other appliances. I found this to work, and others probably have as well.
    Just thought I should point it out.

    ….’K, thanks :)

    • Though it’d be nice if people could tell me when it stopped working! It can happen at any time when:

      Making yarn, making cloth, sewing clothing, dying clothing, sleeping and throwing away trash.

      I just need people to pin-point when exactly, since I have to manually turn off menu-access when doing any of these things, and sometimes I might have forgotten to turn it back on again after you’re done doing that action.

  4. While playing as abigail i tried to sell a daisy to the town hall. The icon showed up as a purple scarf in the description box. I dont know how and it sounds completely stupid but if you look for yourself im sure the same problem will arise. It happened for a sea-shell a horned-shell and a tulip aswell. I had nothing to start with either.

    Also while wearing a normal non-dyed made cotton dress i managed to sell it to the town hall and still be wearing it. I went home and looked in the wardrobe and it was still there to wear i switched to another dress i made and then was still able to switch back to the cotton dress. I went to the dye station finally and i couldnt dye it as it wasnt in my inventory. Yet i still could wear it. This may have been your intention but i dont know so im only bringing it up.

    • None of those are bugs ;)

      The descriptions will eventually be removed from the game, so at the moment I don’t care what they say.

      Once you make a dress, you’ll have ‘unlocked’ the dress and can now wear it whenever you want, regardless of having one in your inventory or not.

      • That’s good to know :)

        But I have come across a real problem or bug whichever you call it. In district 1 you can see the top of the players head if you go outisde Nikki’s house and move left toward her house while being right beside the fence. I only stumbled on it.

        And i had lost energy in district 4 awoke in my house and found that all maps i checked the map in said district 4 i went back there and went off the map into district 3 and the problem was fixed.

  5. Loved the betas so much fun i noticed something with James on Tues when he leaves his out to go to the forest at 17:00 you freeze until the next hour kicks in I guess the same bug that Bill has also goes with James. Everything else works fine so far I am doing some extensive testing I will let you know on more and sorry if you already knew about the James bug

  6. ~Well, I went to the City Hall to sell my stuff. Afterwards, I saved it and decided I would play later… couple hours later, I opened it up and my money was gone.

    ~I went to sleep on friday and was wearing a green flax dress. I woke up on saturday, and found her wearing a yellow cotton dress.

    • 1. You get the money you sold that day the very next day (since it’s being shipped and all). You never had that money in the first place. Unless you mean to say the money you already had was gone too.

      2. This is quite frankly, impossible to achieve in the game. I think you’re mistaken here, the only way to change clothing is through the closet, no other action can make you change clothing – none. It simply doesn’t exist in the coding for something like that to happen.

  7. Great job with Tailor Tales!

    I was just wondering if you could fix the broken links for your free tiles on RPG Maker VX. I’d planned to use them for my project but now I can’t download them because of photobucket. Dx

  8. Hello, I’m here again.
    Turing test play these bugs seem to appear:

    When going to back to title screen from game while it’s raining, rain sound continues on title screen.

    When choosing dress to make, flax dress option picture has arrows on it from very start.

    Is Town Hall timed too, in this beta? Like being able go in ONLY from 10 AM? Because I can get even in at 7 AM.

    • 1. Yeah I realized this myself as well, been fixed now.

      2. Thanks, that totally slipped my mind.

      3. Err, Town Hall is not completely timed yet, you can always enter at any time as long as it’s not Sunday, or later than 17:00. This will be fixed in the future ;)

      Thanks for testing!

  9. first off let me say that this is an AMAZING GAME!!
    but for noobs like me that are new to playing its a little confusing.
    in you 0.9 version i can not for the life of me figure out how to even speak to the npc i press space to buy stuff from people but when i walk up to bill and press space. he turns to me and nothing comes up. just thought i would tell you. i’m prolly stupid for mentioning it..
    i’ve tried when its raining, all the buttons on my keyboard, and all the different seasons and places….

    • … And this is why you read the text file that was included. It says right here:

      “Watch out for Bill’s schedule. He doesn’t do anything but walk around, so talking to him is useless …”

      There’s no dialogue whatsoever in this beta, it’s a beta for testing other various stuff, which is why it’s a pretty good idea to read the text file so you know what to test for.

      It also tells you the controls.

  10. -The house in the district with the diner and the bakery, (excuse me xD) you can walkthrough the coat rack, but im not sure if you meant to do it.
    In the same house, in the upstairs, next to the stairs seems to be a table ontop of a plant. I cant enter the bathroom, when you try to open the door from the kids room.

    O kno its nothuing really. but i thought you might like to know!

    • Well, you’re not walking through it, you’re just standing really close since it’s a thin object. Though if it looks odd, I can make it so the player can’t walk on the same tile.

      Thanks for mentioning the desk on top of the plant though!

    • That’s nice and all, but you have to tell me:

      – Which map it didn’t open in
      – What the action was you performed before opening the menu

      I can’t help figure it out otherwise.

        • No, I know why it happens, I just need you to pin-point when it happened.

          You either tried to make; yarn, cloth, clothing or dyed something. Or maybe you threw away some trash. Or maybe you changed clothing.

          Any one of these actions might have caused it, please test to see which is the culprit :)

        • Thanks! It was the dye station. I forgot to enable menu access after not dying anything at all (so when you cancel out of it). Flowers or energyroots had nothing to do with it ;)

  11. Played as Joselina w/no starter items but with all dresses and here’s what I found. Mostly nit-picky stuff, because everything else I notived was already mentioned :)

    – When wearing any of the special dresses (beautiful addition, btw!), Joselina became invisible, and when I moved her around, some choppy white text would appear where she should be. Celianna, you said that there weren’t any sprites for those but they should still function, so I’m wondering if this is the expected result.
    – Sometimes Roy wouldn’t face the direction I was talking to him. F.e. when I spoke to him from the back, he turned around, but when I spoke to him from the front he kept facing the back, and he stayed that way until Joseline went to bed and woke up the next day. This probably isn’t a big issue, though, seeing as they won’t be living in her house forever, just thought I should point it out.
    – At night, the lamp would turn off just before exiting the map.
    – Entered the mine around midnight and left at 1:40. The song for the mine continued to play in all the districts over the normal music, and stopped when Joseline entered her house. After that, everything was peachy.
    – On the third day, I went to Calvin’s little shop and he wasn’t facing the counter; he was facing east. So I had to go around the counter in order to talk to him and get wool.

    Other than that, it was GREAT (for lack of a better word)! The ballroom blew my mind, the Mayor(at the Town Hall?) looks fantastic, I love the flowers, and it’s great to see the bachelors up and about <3. Don't even get me started on the mine ;D. I'm only on Day 4 right now, so I can't wait to discover the other items.
    It was a little weird to see different flowers selling at the same price, but it makes sense.

    • Thanks for helping out with the beta!

      1. This is indeed the expected result. The graphics are simply not there, but the game still knows you’re wearing the dress you selected. I’m using placeholder graphics at the moment, or none at all, hence the weird white text you see when you walk.

      2. Yup, definitely a bug. A script is causing this to happen, and I’ve already contacted the creator to see if he can fix it.

      3. Totally missed that one. Fixed!

      4. Music, why do you hate me so much. Well, hopefully it’s now permanently fixed.

      5. Haha, I totally forgot I put in a test Calvin in the game! He wasn’t supposed to be there for the beta, just ignore him. Talk to the one inside of your house if you want to buy items.

      It’s nice to hear you amused yourself with it though! :D

      As for the flower prices, those can always be changed, I randomly entered in an amount for now, but I’m sure it’ll be different later on.

      • Your welcome! Thanks a ton for this Beta! I’m happy to help. (and I’m having way too much fun with it <3) I laughed when you said Calvin wasn't meant to be there. It was a pleasant surprise to see him there! I thought, maybe… magical teleportation powers :D? But I digress.

        Like "nong97", I couldn't access the menu, and it started working again after I used the sewing machine. Glad you got it fixed. Thanks again for everything!

  12. Ah Celianna! This is looking beautiful!!

    First I have to say that the ballroom is GORGEOUS! I love it so much ^^-.

    The music is so cute~ I’m really enjoying the experience so far!

    As for somethings I noticed:
    I was playing on a Wednesday, so as Bill’s schedule says, he should be in his house, working from 6-13. I entered his house at 7 and he was not there. However the previous day (Tuesday) he was there when I walked in at 7. I waited until like 8 or 9 and he still did not show up, even if I left the house and re-entered.
    I did come back at 10:50 and he was standing behind the counter, and I couldn’t move. However as soon as it turned 11 I could move again…odd. Haha.
    Other than that, the schedules work amazingly! I love seeing them walk around and do little things. I was pleasantly surprised when I was in the carpentry and heard James come down the stairs and start working!

    I walked into the Town hall during a storm, (LOVE the music BTW) and the interior map was all bright! I tried leaving the hall to see if it would go away, but the outside map was like that too! I got a picture of the interior map here: (sorry for the bad quality. I don’t know how to take screenshots. However you can still tell how bright it is @_@)

    After a little bit though (it turned 13:00) it just went away. It was so weird! I think I entered the hall right when lightning flashed, which might have caused the glitch.

    Anyway that’s all for now.. If I find anymore I’ll let you know! ^^

    • oh! And when it was Thursday (storm) I stayed up until 1 in the morning (so Friday). The forecast said it would be sunny, and as soon as it hit 1am, the storm disappeared and it turned sunny. I know in Harvest moon the weather doesn’t change until you go to sleep, so I thought I’d bring that up.
      Plus, when I went to bed at 1am FRIDAY, I woke up at 6am on SATURDAY. I could seethis being a problem if someone stays up really late (digsite for example) and tried to go to bed, it would skip the entire day.

      Those are some other things I noticed ^^

      • Thanks for testing again! :)

        1. Right, Bill’s schedule inside his house was one of the first things I made (you know, him being the test subject and all XD), so I ended up bettering my eventing as I continued to make more schedules, which is why it’s probably buggy. I will be fixing this!

        2. Ah yikes, that’s indeed a glitch effect of entering a house when the screen is flashing because of the lighting. I can’t replicate it myself (extremely damn hard to enter a house at the exact time of lighting haha), but I think I fixed it. Hopefully.

        3. Weather changes with each new day at 0:00, not when you go to bed. Though when you go to bed, it’s effectively a new day as well. This is so that if you stay awake till 0:00, the weather actually changes still.

        I didn’t like the way Harvest Moon did it, I don’t have to copy them all the time ;)

        Though I’m peeved that it took till 1:00 for the weather to change! Was it really 1:00 when it changed? Not at 0:00?

        4. Ah yes, that’s sort of a penalty for staying up late, but I will be adding the option of taking a nap instead, for a few hours maybe, it won’t restore you to full stamina/energy though!

      • Oh! Sorry, I meant 12am, not 1am! The weather changed at 12. That was alright :) My bad.

        And ok, the nap mechanic sounds like a good idea!

  13. Well, menus worked everywhere so that was good. Oh, but I do have to mention if you would use the menu in the rain, the rain would pause for a few seconds and it did not interfere with the characters moving however.

    The characters went to their schedules but when it was time for Bill to transition from being at home to working at his shop. (Meaning I was at the house 9 till his shop opened and when I experienced him walking to his desk I couldn’t move my own character because of this transition) The same thing happens on a Thursday when he left his house at 15:00 and I actually couldn’t get out! Actually I’m still stuck haha.

    I experienced another problem when I was walking over to James house at 16:50 I think and at 17 he was about to leave- I got stuck near the doorway because James was in front and I tried to move everywhere to get out haha. But eventually I got out somehow.

    Selling items to Lily worked. I got the right amount of gold each time. Well done haha.

    The trashcan works too, I’m glad the one inside and outside the house works perfectly.

    The digsite was great except for he fact that when I was at floor 6 going to 7 then to 8, it didn’t get to 8 and it came back up to floor 5 going to floor 6.

    The weekly market did not let me enter before 10 and did kick me out till it was 15. Excellent- since it did as it should.

    One more thing I should note is when you interact with James or Bill is they face the direction when you talk to them yes. But they stay that way until you leave the map. I was a little dissapointed I didn’t see them did their own little things. (James works at the Carpentry but when you talk to him he stays still and doesn’t go back to work) plus when you interact with them in a different direction they dont face you anymore. They only face the way you have INITIALLY interacted with them.

    Overall it still was a good gameplay. I don’t think I have ran into any passability issues for the new interior maps and everything works considering the schedules. Thank you for this play haha I look forward to your improvement for the next beta. Thank you.

    • Thanks for beta-testing! You did a lot of things I didn’t even think about, so I’m in the middle of fixing the the problems that you mentioned.

      1. I didn’t think of that, and actually, I have no idea why there would be a slight lag, but I’ve fixed it for now! No more random lagging of rain/storm/snow when exiting the menu.

      2. Being stuck in Bill’s house when he starts to move at 10:00 is my fault, I accidentally made the event that makes him move at 10:00 into an autorun, which doesn’t let the player move anymore. Woops! Restart a new file if this happens, or simply wait till 11:00 … I fixed it now though.

      3. Oh you mean when he’s walking out the carpentry, and you managed to get stuck in his path? Well, the only option is to exit the carpentry yourself, at least you’re not perma-stuck.

      4. Falling through cracks at the digsite means you can fall either up or down, it’s a gamble. If it only went down, well then, it would be waaaay too easy to reach floor 100, now wouldn’t it? The only sure-way to go down is to dig up the ladder.

      5. NPCs not resuming their route after interacting with them seems to be an issue with a script that I have (it’s used during the menu to freeze on-screen action), I have contacted the creator and hope he can fix this, because that is a rather large problem.

  14. Was testing the digsite. Sometimes, when I fall through cracks, I drop down by 2 or 3 floors. I fell through a crack on level 99 and ended up on the 102th floor. Are there supposed to be more than 100 floors?

    Anyway I proceeded to dig up every square on the 102th floor but uncovered zero diamonds.

    P.S. I like the song that plays during the storm. It’s dramatic yet kind of sad. When I made my character stand at the edge of the beach during a storm, she looks lonely and emo. Lol.

    • Ah damn, I forgot about the cracks. Haha, no you’re not supposed to go down more at a 100 floors .. though I’m kind of entertained by the fact that you could go lower than 100.

      I’m happy to hear you were able to get down to floor 100 though. How long did it take? Or did you use lots of items to regain stamina/energy?

      • It took me about 1 hour. I deliberately fell through cracks since it’s easier to fall down through cracks than to dig up a ladder.

        Yup, I used plenty of energy roots and power hearts to recharge my stamina and energy.

        • Aha, I see. Try it again without the starter items and you’ll have a much tougher time ;)

          The power hearts are just there to test them, since they’re very rare to find in-game.

          Though maybe I should start deducting some energy from the player if they fall through cracks.

  15. Hi, when I was testing James’s schedule I entered the carpentry around 9:30 (after using Roy to raise him to three hearts) and went up to the second floor. I was able to go back to the first floor when he was up there but then after he left at 10:00 and I tried to follow after him it wouldn’t even let me get near the staircase and I was stuck. I could still move around the second floor but I couldn’t reach the first floor to exit his house. I don’t know if I was just being stupid and did something wrong or if it’s something with the game, but I still thought I should let you know because I tried doing this several times to see if it was my error or something in-game.

    • Ahh, beta-testers, what would I do without you?

      Thanks for bringing it to my attention, it was a very small error, writing a 6 instead of a 7, so basically it ends up with James being invisible, but he’s technically still in front of the stairs, blocking your way.

      Try not to go there in anymore after 10:00 ;)

      Try 17:00 or 20:00 instead.

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