Beta aftermath & NPC sketches

Well it’s been four days later and I’ve gotten loads of bug reports from people. Many thanks to people who tested! There were a few things that weren’t bugs, such as:

– NPCs not talking (Bill & James), nor doing anything besides walking
– No graphics for the dresses polka dot, checkered, sparkling and the occasional clothing
– Some of the item’s descriptions are off

Those seemed to be common bug reports, when in fact they’re not. Bill and James don’t do anything but walk around, since you’re supposed to test their schedule (which others did, thanks!). Some of the graphics for the dresses I haven’t sprited yet, simply because I’m lazy and they’re not ultra necessary. And the item’s descriptions can be off (causing you to see a purple scarf as the icon as well), because I’m planning on removing the item’s description entirely in the future, so don’t pay attention to it.

Other than that, the rest was pretty much spot-on. I’ve fixed almost all of them, with the exception of NPCs not returning to walking if you interact with them – I’ll have to rely on SKy00Valentine to fix this, since it was his script that causes the error. The beta is still open for download and you can still test it, but I recommend combing through the comments first to see if someone hasn’t already reported the bug you just found.

Hopefully next beta, which will be a while, will have several NPCs walking around, as well as an early version of the portrait system. It’ll use placeholder images though, so don’t be surprised if you start talking to a stick figure.

The portrait system will be dynamic, as in, the eyebrows, eyes and mouth will be separate images, so that I can create loads of different expressions. Plus it saves space too. It’ll be complicated to make though, but I’ll pull through.

On the topic of portraits, I’ve been sketching a few of the other NPCs, so here’s Lily, Buck and Nikki:

I remember a while ago that someone asked me if I ever finished the fox’s human portrait (in the old style). Well, I had him sketched out, but never finished it since he was going to be the last portrait you’d see in the game, I figured I could procrastinate on that as much as I want. Well, since everyone’s getting a re-design anyway, I figured why not show you the old fox’s human form.

For those who don’t want to be spoiled, don’t click the link! Fox’s human form (old version).

Have I sketched out the new human form? Why yes, yes I have. And I’m pretty sure if people saw his portrait, James’s fans would dump him like cold water and be a loyal fox fan.

Hahaha, I’m such a tease, even his name is still a secret! But I’ll give you a hint, it starts with a C ;)

16 thoughts on “Beta aftermath & NPC sketches

  1. I wonder if the rivals will be in the game. Of course not the rival system will be present but the rivals that will ‘technically’ be there. Is it still?

  2. I agree with Nalmanac, I’m a loyal fox fan ^^-
    However I did click the link.. and if he looked that awesome originally, I’m pumped for his revamped version!!

    Ohohoho~ You’re such a tease XD

    I love the sketch of Buck! And I see Nikki has a change of design. All three look amazing!

  3. YES! NEW PORTRAITS! …my life is complete <3.

    (I'm a loyal fox fan. I don't need to see his human form XD.)

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