Portrait & Dialogue system in action

Okay, I just had to share this one with you guys;

Mind you, that is a placeholder image for every NPC you’ll come across, since I can’t make all the expressions at the moment.

Anyways, what you see here is a working portrait and dialogue system – as well as displaying the correct heart level at the bottom right. The portrait is actually build out of 6 different images, which can change so I can make different emotions. Right now they’re placeholder images, and I can simply replace them by overwriting the image files once I have the correct emotions per NPC.

Then there’s the dialogue which is also displaying correctly. I’ve only got some of Bill’s dialogue in the game, just to test it, and it’s actually working. This is (the screenshot) what he’s supposed to say on a Monday, in Spring, when he’s at home, and you are at a black heart level – as well as in the morning.

I’m sort of amazed the way this is all working out really well. There’s like 8 different common events involved just by interacting a NPC haha. Anyways, there’s a slight error with IceDragon’s script, which allows me to show images on the screen that are tied to a variable, but he’s working on fixing it. Tailor Tales would be nothing without his script, so let me throw myself down in front of him and worship the hell out of him.

I’d also like to say that there won’t be any updates for awhile, simply because a lot of the stuff I’m doing involves tedious eventing as well as writing more dialogue, and that’s not that interesting to post about.

10 thoughts on “Portrait & Dialogue system in action

  1. On the contrary, I like seeing the progress you do no matter how boring it could be. It’s all interesting I think– the work that you do. (:

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