Calvin’s schedule

And Calvin’s schedule is planned out, and worked into the game! Here’s a couple of screenies of his schedule in action:

It also shows James and Bill walking around on the map. Finally it stops looking like a ghost town when you see NPCs walking around in a map.

Next up is either Roy or the fox, probably the fox since his schedule is veeerrryy easy (he appears on like two maps). Aside from finishing up Calvin’s schedule, I have also almost completed writing James’s Spring dialogue. Either way, I should probably focus on getting all the schedules down for all NPCs.

I know people still want me to post updates about boring stuff but … tough luck :P

5 thoughts on “Calvin’s schedule

  1. Is it just me or does Calvin’s schedule say that at 14:00 he will be in District 4, yet in the screenshot he’s on the beach O.o

    • He leaves the beach at 14:00, in the screenshot he is in the middle of walking out of the map.

      This only happens if you’re on the same map with him though, otherwise he just pops up in District 4 at 14:00.

  2. Oh! For that I sincerely apologize, I didn’t imagine for others to agree with me as well. I do wish you luck on your work. (:

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