Bill’s portrait done!

So I got a little sick of looking at my placeholder image, and decided to finish all of Bill’s emotions (a whopping 47 images!), and here it is in action:

And here’s a screenshot:

I can now change his portrait into any kind of emotion, which is a lot of fun!

7 thoughts on “Bill’s portrait done!

  1. Ridiculously impressed, and from the comments I’m not the only one! I didn’t like Bill much at first (not sure why), but he’s started to grow on me. :)

  2. luvluvluvluvin it so far!!!!!!!!!! the music is cheerful, the portrait looks good (WAAAAAAAAAY better then that place holder) and i luv how u can fall through cracks and throw rocks away all at once! that ELIMINATES harvest moons push start to throw away item system, and actually makes going to the 100th floor possible!!!!! (especially when time continues when you go in the mine)haha those guys just stand there like minions!!!!! (or hipnotized people, haha) yes i know they’re just tests, but still!!!!!!!!!!! AMAAAAAAAAAZING work with a captial everything so far, i absolutely CANNOT wait until its done!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow! This looks amazing *worships game* i am a guy who can’t wait to play this game. I been enjoying the .9 beta cant wait for 1.0 you are really amazing cant wait to play

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