The stuff bachelors do

Oh man, what was I thinking making the bachelors so complex!

Anyways, I was planning on making the bachelor give you a gift for every season, as well as every heart level. I decided this was too much work, and not really necessary, and cut it down to only once per heart level.

To show you the shear complexity of what a bachelor does, says, gives or reacts, here are the things they do:

– Their dialogue hinges on a number of variables:
o it changes per location
o it changes per day
o it changes per season
o it changes per heart level
o it changes based on the relationship status (being their girlfriend, being married to them, or married to someone else)
o it changes based on rivalry between other bachelors (jealousy)
o it might change based on witnessing a heart event

– You can give them gifts, scaled on a rating of Hate, Dislike, Like, Really Like and Favourite

– You can ask them questions (this does not give you any DRP … though that can change in the future)
o the amount of questions available to you depends on the bachelor’s heart level

– You can tell them things (i.e. I like you), scaled on a rating of Dislike, Like and Really Like
o the amount of things you can say depends on the bachelor’s heart level

– You can perform actions on them (i.e. slapping, hugging, kissing etc.), scaled on a rating of Hate, Dislike, Like, Really Like and Favourite
o the amount of things you can do depends on the bachelor’s heart level
o the ratings of these actions change per heart level (a hug will score you more points if the bachelor is at a red heart level)

– At the end of the day, the points you’ve gathered by talking to the bachelor, giving him gifts, saying things, or performing actions, are counted and then added to their RP

– Not talking to them for a day decreases their DRP, which if negative, disables the options: gift, questionnaire and emoticon

– If you have enough RP, you can advance to the next heart level with the bachelor

– The bachelor will give you a gift once for every heart level

– The bachelor will ask you questions
o twice every season
o and every heart level

– I’m not even adding the things you can do after marriage …

All of this, just so the player doesn’t get bored courting them! This is definitely not like Harvest Moon, that’s for sure.

In fact, it’s not even possible to witness all of the bachelors dialogue in the game. For example, the game ends at the end of year 3 … whereas the bachelor’s dialogue changes per season, as well as per heart level – and there are 5 heart levels! Not only that, there’s also his ‘girlfriend’ dialogue (changes per season) and his ‘marriage’ dialogue (also changes per season …) and his ‘married’ dialogue (to prevent myself from going mad, no, this doesn’t change per season).

I must be stark mad or something.

Though this does encourage players to replay.


On another random note, check out (P)lanets, a visual novel with 3 (+1 secret) datable boys that recently came out. It’s a lot of fun, I definitely enjoyed it. Though I’m a sucker for shy redheaded guys (Bill, anyone?).

8 thoughts on “The stuff bachelors do

  1. Celianna, you are so great. :)

    I’ve been looking forward to this game for years (still am, of course) specially because of your effort on dialogues. :)

    Also, thank you for recommending (P)lanets, i loved it! (BTW, i also love shy redheads hahaha)
    And now i have a forum to look for some games, cool. ^^

  2. So complex! XD But, it seems really good. I think we all agree that Harvest Moon is good, but the dialogues repeat, and repeat… So It`s cool to see a game like this one >w<
    Yess! And I thought that there was no one with the same fetish!!(about the "shy redheaded guys" thing XD)

  3. WOW… This is the kind of game people will want to keep around for years. Unlike HM.
    No offense, I LOVE Harvest Moon, but the bachelors would say the same things all the time, and the DS version took soooo long (stupid sprites!). The lack of variety in the actions and interactions made it uber boring sometimes

    • Ugh I know, I love Harvest Moon too, but it gets soooo boring seeing the same dialogue over and over and over again.

      Which is why I definitely wanted to change the dialogue based on a number of things.

  4. Holy crap. Do you plan on sleeping sometime this next year? My head hurts thinking about the complexity of eventing that.

    On a side note, I’m guessing at least one of the boys actually likes being slapped to have that available at all? Hee hee!

    • It’s not so much the difficulty of eventing it (the backbone of the system is already set up), but it’s the fact I have to write all the different dialogue … @_@

      As for slapping someone, you can have a friendly slap, or a real slap. There might be a time where you have to slap some sense in them, and they won’t hate you for it XD

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