The game knew I cheated!

Alright, so I’m still working on getting the whole portrait & dialogue system to work, and I entered in some of Bill’s dialogue (he’s my test subject of course). Only some of his 1st heart level dialogue though. I also forgot to add a namebox for him, so I added that as well. I’ve also changed the ‘not talking to a day = no accepting gifts’ to two days, instead of one.

When I saw this happening on a Friday, I was overjoyed:

It’s starting to … look like a working game, you know? It makes me cry tears of happiness! Despite that screenshot being the only thing that is done.

Anyways, then I realized I did a kind of dumb thing … You see, Bill has two kinds of dialogue when he’s at home. One for in the morning, one for in the evening. So I already wrote that part, and implanted it into the system. What I didn’t count on was the fact that Bill won’t let you in his house in the morning if you are not at a green heart level.

Effectively, I’ve given Bill dialogue no one would be able to access! Ninja dialogue! Ahaha, stupid move on my part.

Alright, so I tried to cheat (I entered his house on a Friday, then reversed the clock and set it to Thursday), just to see if his dialogue would pop up anyway and … then I got kicked out of his house! Because I wasn’t supposed to be there. The game totally knew I was cheating.

On a small sidenote, a dress bonus is also implanted. All bachelors have a favourite colour, and if you wear a dress with that colour, you’ll score some extra DRP. This only counts for the first time you talk to the bachelor though, the second time you won’t get the bonus. They also have a favourite special dress, which gives the biggest bonus.

This is also working already.

In the dialogue system (almost everything is controlled by the dialogue system) I also added the gifts Bill will give you every heart level … which is also working. He also asks questions, though I’ve only finished part of this.

God, I love it when stuff works!

13 thoughts on “The game knew I cheated!

  1. OMG we love it when stuff works too XD especially if it’s Tailor Tales we’re talkin’ about here.
    Seeing screenshots of the now working dialogue really makes me realize this isn’t just a dating sim to breeze by–it’s an actual GAME. YAY FOR GAMIFICATIONISM!

    But I wonder…what’s going to happen to the “ninja dialogue”? Is it going to be used for the green heart level, or did you already make a different set of dialoguing for that :)?

  2. ooooooh u should make another secret dialog that bill says if youre at his house in the morning at a low heart level. something like “did u cheat???? if u cheat this whole game is messed up!!! get outa my house!!!!” then all of the people start shunning you until the next day. (like this: if u talk to bill, he says “…..” if u try and give him a gift, he’ll say “…..” and refuse the gift. if u try and flirt, he’ll say “……….” and leave the screen. “he returns if u leave the screen, but he still shuns you. this should happen with all the bachloers and if u try and go into someones house, they say “……” and kick u out. (except for your own, of course)

  3. They use it in their highly successful black market q-tip racket. Apparently there’s good money in that. You didn’t hear it from me.

  4. The Game has a mind of its own D: LOL maybe Roy and Calvin Kitt Stuff xD or… THEY LIKE TO RUBB THEIR FACCE IN COTTON LIKE BILL D:

  5. Oh man, it’s awesome seeing you get so jazzed about this. xD I love that feeling when you can see stuff start to come together – it feels so rad. ;w;


    Also, what ARE Calvin and Roy going to do with that cotton~? >w>

    • I’m very happy it’s working out so nicely as well! After months of slaving to get the basics done … now it’s all coming together and actually looking like something.

      As for the cotton … who knows ;)

  6. Question what the NPCs say like what Bill said about Calvin and Roy stealing cotton. Will the players ever witness that event? Like you go out at night or early morning and you see them they look at you and do something?

      • Oh so things NPCs say do play a part. Maybe some little secrets? :D I can’t wait for this. Maybe Calvin and Roy are stealing Bills fluffywoodles D8< save da fluffywoodles. ;-; now i am super excited cant wait to see the next beta and the finished product

  7. Holy ninja crackers! That’s too cool. Cheaters beware!

    Hmm…What do they do with a bit of cotton? The world may never know.

  8. Soo.. I’m not the only one who laughed at the third screenshot, right? What DO they do with it? xD Anyway, I think it’s amazing the game’s smart enough to know you were cheating! And I’m glad you’re making so much progress!

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