Roy & Fox’s schedule

I worked out Roy’s schedule, as well as the Fox’s (though his is really simple), and here they are:

Yeah, the fox has no life. Makes it easy to find him at least!

Working on putting Roy’s schedule in the game, and then I’ll do the fox. Things are going quite smoothly, I must say.

As for Bill’s dialogue, I will only be adding a little bit for now (his home dialogue), I’m still focusing on getting the entire system to work right. So as of now, if you interact with him, you’ll get this:

If you get an error message like that, then rejoice, because the system is working! If you are not getting any error messages, then that’s when something isn’t working. Yes, an error message is a good thing.

His ninja dialogue will stay in the game for now … think of it as an easter egg you’ll only get by cheating haha.

I forgot to mention that yesterday, the 12th, was Tailor Tales’s two year anniversary! Yup, that’s how long this game has been in the works. Though the first half year was done in a different style, then I didn’t do anything for a year … and now I’m working on it again!

For the anniversary, I decided to change the wordpress theme, so now I have a wider content area, and no longer have to shrink my screenshots!

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