Heart event requirements

I’m fiddling a bit with ideas for heart events, and I’ve basically got Bill’s heart events planned out, James comes in second, I’ve got a few things in store for him as well, and then there’s the fox whose heart events revolve around the other bachelors. Haven’t figured out what Calvin and Roy’s heart events are going to be, but I’ll leave that for later!

Here’s a basic layout for all heart events:

  • Black heart level:
    Introduction of bachelor
  • Blue heart level:
    Bachelor specific (something embarrassing!)
  • Green heart level:
    Bachelor visits the Tailor Shop
  • Yellow heart level:
    Bachelor specific
  • Red heart level:
    Bachelor specific + confession

Anyways, I was setting up some requirements for the heart events to trigger. The basic trigger is that you have to enter a map, and then the heart event cutscene will start. A heart event will never start while you’re already in the map. So, re-entering the map is necessary.

The other basic trigger is obviously the heart level. There’s 5 heart levels, and thus 5 heart events for each bachelor. They will also trigger in order.

The other triggers vary based on the heart event as well as bachelor. I’ve got a few spectacular scenes in mind with both Bill and James, and they require me to add the player to the scene by putting her in a different pose or something, or give her a custom animation. Cool, not a problem.

Except there’s two different main characters, and both of them can wear about 45 different dresses. Not cool, in fact, pretty much impossible. That would require me to sprite the player in a certain position about 45 times to account for all the different dresses, make that over 100 since there’s two of them.

So … yeah, not happening. That’s why for the heart events that require some custom spriting, the player must be wearing a certain outfit for it to trigger. This is usually the default dress – OR – one of the occasional outfits.

But don’t worry, I will be listing the requirements for each heart event when it gets that far ;)

By the way, anyone is free to suggest some nifty ideas for Calvin and Roy’s heart events!

On a random note, let’s compare the old Tailor Tales to the new one!

Comparison 1 – The old District 3
Comparison 2 – The old Bill

Yup, glad I made that step.

10 thoughts on “Heart event requirements

  1. oh I know a event for Calvin!You`ll be walking near Bills house and you see Roy and Calvin messing with his cotton.And Calvin seems uncoftorable,suddenly Roys notices you and he yells”CRAP!We`ve been caught run away!”And ROy runs off leaving Calvin.Calvin then explains to you Roy wanted to *cant think of anything right now but Roy wanted to do somthing mean to Bills yard,since Bill spilled somthing on Roy on accident and Roy wouldnt let it go*poor bill!Then you like have the option to say “Well thats immature and mean” or “That would have been hilarious!”.And if you say the 1st one Calvin agrees saying he doesnt know what hes going to do with Roy and he goes home,and if you picked the 2nd one Calvin would be like “Really?….I didnt know you thought that way…im not so sure….im going home”and he leaves having a diffrent opioun of you.

  2. Well I been busy and haven’t look at the update in a while, but their wasn’t a lot on Roy’s heart events so I had to put something on here about him. I was thinking that if Roy still likes cats and if you are still going to let the main characters have a cat, Roy could come to your house and get stopped by your cat. The cat could be really friendly to him or not and the main character has to save him (if she wants to) or have a friendly talk about the cat or something like that or the cat could scratch him and she let him inside her house to clean it. I don’t know if you ever played harvest moon another wonderful life but there a heart event where Rock is playing with your dog. I don’t know if you what to use something like that with Roy and the cat.

  3. Calvin lends you a book and there’s a love poem he wrote/recipe/something amusing or revealing inside – like on the back page or a bookmark he forgot about; could be a hint to something in-game.

    You walk in and find Calvin crying over something that happened in a book he was reading.

    You walk in as Calvin, angry from something that happened in a book, throws said book at the wall which almost hits you.

    Yes, Cal is my 2nd fav but heres one for the other guy. You walk in and Roy is grooving to some funky disco tune unaware while you’ve been standing there for (black screen) “One hour later”, and he’s still getting it on….

    • I like the first one! Though that seems like more of a general cutscene (yes, those will be in there too!) to me.

      I like Roy grooving to some music though haha.

  4. How about one of Roy’s later events where you walk in on Roy and Calvin playing marry, “kiss”, and kill? Calvin predicts that Roy has only one or two girls he’d hate enough to kill, many, many girls he’d like to kiss, and not one he’d like to marry. Roy then frowns and says that he DOES have someone he’d want to marry! (If you want you can choose whether he says the player’s name or not.) It’d be fitting that they notice you and Roy suddenly gets nervous, even though he’s usually carefree. Something like.. “Jeez, Calvin, do you really think that? Come on, there IS a girl I’d marry, believe it or not! I really care about her, you know! I really care about her..” Then Calvin apologizes and asks who it is. Roy says “It’s–(Player’s Name)! Wh-What are you doing here, I-I mean.. what’s up?” to the player. The rest/endinb you can tweak a bit, I want to give you some room, after all! I think it’s cute and sweet, right? ^////^

    • Considering I’ve never even heard of that game, it is unlikely I’ll add something like that in.

      But, that’s the kind of scene that wouldn’t be a heart event :3

  5. OH OH I has an idea since Calvin owned a bookstore in the original have a heart event that Calvin writes a play and their is a kissing scene oh the cliches :D

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