Roy’s schedule

Finally got off my ass and finished up Roy’s schedule. Now Bill, Calvin, James and Roy are integrated into the game (you can’t interact with them though, ‘cept for Bill).

I’m pretty sure Roy’s schedule is full of bugs though. Guess what you’ll have to test for in beta 1.0? ;)

Calvin: Quick! Bill’s here!
Roy: Just calmly walk away, we’ve done nothing wrong.
Calvin: Nothing yet, you mean.

Next up is adding the fox to the game, and those are all the NPCs I’ll be adding for beta 1.0. Then I’ll just work some more on the dialogue system, maybe make some more portraits and then we’ll see what needs to happen next.

Oh, right, I’m adding a feature that lets your tailor shop be graded. You can have 5 stars, starting at 0 stars. You can get better grades for your shop simply by shipping lots of clothing, or even by upgrading your house. You can let your shop be graded by Joselina/Abigail at the weekly market!

What exactly this would have an impact on, I’m not quite sure. Maybe a marriage requirement? Maybe you’ll get a power heart if you get 5 stars? A special event triggers? Who knows.

I’m also planning on adjusting the digsite, again. I will be adding an iron ore, a gold ore and clay that you can dig up. Iron will be used for house upgrades, such as adding a kitchen. Gold will be used to make jewelry (one of the requirements to make wedding rings!), and clay will again be used for house upgrades (brick house? Brick fireplace?), or just to give to Bill haha. I’m definitely making it so that players will have to spend lots of time at the digsite.

Then I’m also adding running shoes for the player to wear. You can buy these at the general store, and it is a key item you’ll always have, much like the shovel or fishing pole. So in the beginning of the game you’ll have to deal with not being able to run. Once you get the shoes, just hit Shift on your keyboard and you’ll be going faster. Of course, this also drains your stamina, so beware!

Since the poll in my previous post has the majority voting they wouldn’t mind giving the MC dialogue, that’s what I’m gonna go with. Don’t worry, I won’t give them personalities! Now I can write out some of the heart events of the bachelors!

Of course, those won’t be added until pretty much everything has been implanted into the game (complete tailoring system, NPC schedules, portraits & dialogue, shops, shipping, upgrades, fishing etc.). Basically, anything plot related (including festivals), or something that isn’t part of regular gameplay will be added in last.

2 thoughts on “Roy’s schedule

  1. You could make it so the higher your star, the higher quality your clothes are expected to be. Or you gain access to tailor different clothes. Or for a simple boon, a small percentage boost on your shipping/income.

    Like Michelin ratings. By the way, I forget but is the television working? You could have a stock market/fashion channel and you make extra money by shipping a type of clothing, like gloves, based on if the tv predicts gloves are in demand for the week. Just some extra thoughts.

  2. You go girl!

    As for my two cents: I think the star level idea should be a requirement for marriage but differs depending on the guy. Like you only need one star for Bill but five for the Fox. Shoot me now for saying you should work more though! XP

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