Lily & Buck, Eddie & Vivian

So I totally did not work on adding the fox to the game, but ended up finishing Lily’s and Buck’s portrait. I also sketched out Eddie and Vivian, so here they are:

I’m probably gonna tweak Lily’s skin a bit, it’s not contrasting well with the brown line-art. I edited Lily’s skin and hair a bit, looks much better now.

I’m also quite happy with Eddie’s design. It sort of reminds me of Hiccup. Just a bit. Buck came out pretty good as well, and Vivian will probably be edited a bit before I finish up her portrait.

Phew, at least I got two more portraits out of the way!

7 thoughts on “Lily & Buck, Eddie & Vivian

  1. I love Buck’s purple hat and suspenders! Hahaha.
    And Eddie does kinda look like Hiccup! Either way he is adorable ^^

    I’m so excited for you Celianna, the game is really starting to come along!

  2. I like the unconventional colour scheme. They all look very interesting, I wonder what their stories are.

    The only trouble is, now I’m going to be really disappointed if Eddie isn’t a secret unlockable date :( or there isn’t an option to cheat on your husband and elope with this latest addition to your range of attractive characters…. (I’m kidding, but he is quite lovely)

    btw I didn’t mention it but the new header image is really great and I lol’d at Bill. It looks like he’s holding that screenshot of himself.

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