Minor graphic adjustments

I’m slowly adding the fox’s schedule to the game (half-way finished), but I also started to tweak a few of the graphics.

For example, I made non-active windows transparent. Now it should be really easy to tell which window you have selected. Windows that are not selectable at all, are greyed out. Then I made all cotton material grey so that it’s easier to distinguish between wool and cotton (not seen in the screenshot though).


I also tweaked the Weekday and Day HUD to be more defined. You can barely tell though. Then I changed the way the hearts looked like, and went for a pixel-art style instead.


And I added a menu for when you go to bed so you can choose to sleep & save, sleep, or take a nap. Napping replenishes a bit of stamina and energy, but not much.


Since Bill, Calvin and Roy are added to the game, I will probably also finish up their shops since they’re pretty easy. I can’t set up the carpentry yet, even though James exists, because James isn’t the one you talk to for house upgrades, Buck is, and Buck won’t be added until beta 1.0.5.

So, I’m planning on releasing beta 1.0 when I have finished:

– All bachelor’s schedules
– All portrait systems
– Added the cotton & flax shop
– Added the wool shop

Then there will be lots of things to test for! ^_^

3 thoughts on “Minor graphic adjustments

  1. I like the GUI tweaks (especially the transparent windows). Are the hearts in the dialogue boxes going to beat like they do in HM games, or will they be static?

    Looking forward to 1.0. Actually have a lot of time on my hands, now, so I should be able to dig all kinds of good and bad out. I’m pretty good at finding the weirdest bugs and crashing even stable games.. I don’t know how. ┐(‘~`;)┌

    • Unfortunately, no, the hearts won’t beat. I originally did have this, but because I added the option for time to freeze if the player interacts with a NPC, this is not possible anymore (it would freeze the beating heart as well), so I took it out.

      Glad to know you’ll be testing thoroughly when beta 1.0 comes out!

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