Bill’s shop

Yes, I finally finished up the fox’s schedule. There might be bugs in it since I didn’t test it, I went straight to making Bill’s cotton & flax shop.

And hey, it works 100%, here’s a screenshot:

It actually didn’t take that long. The only annoyance I have with this system is that if you shuffle between options, the graphics will disappear for a split second. Though this lies at fault with the text message script I’m using, which causes a slight delay when displaying text, and thus it also causes the graphics to have a slight delay. Oh well, I can live with it. At least it’s functional.

I have to give kudos to Sky00Valentine for making that tab script for me. It lets me shuffle through ‘tabs’ during a text command. It works wonders for a lot of things.

By the way, that screenshot was taken during fall, flax is only available during fall and winter, with cotton being available during spring, summer and fall – not winter.

Next up; the wool shop!

Edit: hehe, I really couldn’t stand the slight lag in between shuffling options, so I came up with a creative solution and fixed it. Whee.

2 thoughts on “Bill’s shop

  1. In response to your edit: Hehe Go you!!

    And it all looks awesome so far!! I’m always excited to see a new update on your blog :) <3

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