Shame on me, and you!

I was just testing some things out, and started making some yarn.

I entered in 5 woolen yarn, because I had 10 wool. Great, I got them. Then I went to the loom to create cloth out of the yarn. You need two woolen yarn to make 1 woolen cloth. I entered in 3 woolen yarn on accident, which is fine because it would tell me I didn’t have enough materials to create the cloth.

Except it gave me 3 woolen cloth.



Apparently I had a small error in the system in which I was using the wrong variable to determine if you had the right materials. This error has been in the game since beta 0.7, in both the spinning wheel and the loom. Oooh, shame on me, and on my beta testers!

Well, I’ve fixed it now, but please do test the game as much as you can, I’m relying on beta testers to find most of the bugs since it’s easy for me to overlook things @_@

Beta 1.0 will be released next week.

Edit: did I ever mention that the character portraits of the bachelors I’ve been using so far are a bit out-dated? No? Well, I’m telling you now, go check the new character images in the Characters section!

5 thoughts on “Shame on me, and you!

  1. Oh Noes!!
    Oh well, at least it was fixed xD Sorry for missing that!!
    That means I’ll just have to Beta test even harder next time!

    Calvin’s got a beauty mark now! Haha. I noticed when I looked at the new character page and then looked up at the banner.

    And Buck… Gosh I kinda wish I could marry him xD
    Gotta love the chivalrous personality… <3
    ((Plus his purple hat and suspenders are just freakin' awesome. Hahaha))

  2. Finally I’ll be able to test another beta!! I didn’t have a chance to test let alone touch the last one even though I downloaded it x.x. Sorry for not catching the flaw when I did test it…. ^^”” btw ports look totally fab.

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