Beta 1.0

Tailor Tales beta 1.0 is out now. Want to help beta-test? Then download one of the links below. Download the one that says With RTP if you do not have RPG Maker VX/RTP installed. Download the one without it if you do.

If you had downloaded and installed the RTP from the last beta, you do not have to do this again, and so download the one that says without RTP.

Without RTP (59 MB):

With RTP (86 MB):
(if download links are set to private, it means beta testing is over)

Everyone, read the text file – it tells you what to test for and what the controls are.

Please download either WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the files.

If you are getting errors installing the one with RTP, then just delete that entire folder, go to the RPG Maker VX website and download the RTP over there, install it, and then simply download the one without RTP in this post, and everything should work.

For newcomers, here’s an image to guide you through the player’s house:

The closet in beta 1.0 is unavailable, as well as the extra dyes and special thread. You also don’t start out with all the items anymore, nor have any access to half of these. This was done so that beta-testing will feel more like playing the real game because you have to work hard to gain those materials. The market is still not functional.

Ship any items you’ve found or made at the Town Hall in District 2 (check the map if you’re lost). Items you’ve bought from Bill, Calvin, Roy or from the General Store will be shipped for half the price.

The sewing machine can be bought for 7000 gold at the General Store.

Post bugs you find as a reply on this post, thanks! Happy beta-testing!

Known bugs in beta 1.0

– Calvin’s schedule acts wonky when it is 14:00 and you’re in District 4. It’ll be fixed when it’s 15:00. Fixed

– When shipping something, and then selecting ‘no’ when it asks you to ship it, you’ll lose all of the money you’re currently holding. Fixed

– Trying to save, on any map, can randomly crash your game (black screen with music still playing). Fixed

– You can buy cotton from Bill even though he’s not at the counter. Fixed

– Interacting with Bill while he is entering/exiting the map, will cause his sprite to still continue his route, despite talking to him. Fixed

– The fox can be found sleeping all day long in the cave. Fixed

– James will be in Wyde Forest on a Friday before he is supposed to be there. It will only update if you go to a map where he is supposed to be. Fixed

– You can buy as much wool and cotton as you want, except it stops at 99 and won’t give you any more than that, but still deducts the price from it. Same thing for items you buy at the store. Fixed

– The digsite does not generate random cracks on any floor. You might also run into the problem of not finding the ladder on the 1st floor to go down to. Fixed

– You are able to open up the menu at inappropriate times (such as when a textbox is open, or during a shop event). Fixed

54 thoughts on “Beta 1.0

  1. Hi, I downloaded the Beta 1.0 [With RTP] and extracted the file with WinRAR. I don’t know how to play it after that, lol, sorry I’m really new to this.

    • Aahhh, I forgot to make the download links private. Beta testing for version 1 is long over.

      Either way, all you do is click the .exe, select a folder to install it to, and then click game.exe, rather self explanatory.

      • haha lol (wow ur quick. O_O) yeah, like I said I’m really new to this kind-of thing since I usually play finished games, but thanks for your help. :)

  2. For some reason, when i click the downloading link, it will not let me download. It keeps telling me that it is held private?
    And I would really love to try out your game!

    • Hit F1 when launching the game, then select ‘Launch in full screen’ and restart the game. I don’t recommend it though, since full screen just means stretching it out on our monitor, which looks horrible at such a small resolution.

      • Hit F2 while in-game, so you can see the FPS. If it’s below 50 FPS, you’re lagging and your computer is not suitable for playing the game.

        Please also make sure you close all other programs running in the background to free up resources for Tailor Tales.

  3. When I talk to a NCP (Bill) He’s saying “Welcome, do you need anything?” I press “S” by accident but it brought up half of the menu then I press space, Bill’s portrait, name, and heart level would show up in the menu.

  4. Regarding the general store:
    150 G was deducted for purchasing a bar of Chocolate even though the stated price is 80 G.

    Regarding the digsite:
    – There were twice in which I dug up every single square on the 1st floor but I still could not find a ladder down.
    – The deepest I’ve gotten to is the 41st floor but I did not see a single crack on the way down so far.

    • Thank you, I would have never noticed that the digsite was severely flawed. I’m pretty impressed you got to floor 41 though, without any cracks to fall through.

      For some reason, I had deleted the code that would make cracks appear. Stupid me. I also removed the shovel that you would get at the digsite, making you buy it at the store instead, which messed up on calculating which square would contain the ladder to go down on the 1st floor.

      Will be fixing this, thanks! Also, the chocolate bar is 150 gold, I forgot to change what it actually says in the text box.

  5. Ok I scanned through the comments to see if anyone else posted this, but I didn’t see it. If someone already mentioned this, sorry!

    But when I went to Lily to sell all my stuff, there was a problem. I did not get all the money I should have gotten.

    I sold:
    3 branches = 15G
    1 Raspberry = 35G
    2 Daisies = 45G
    3 Tulips = 75G
    1 Mint = 100G
    and 3 Clay Pots = 130G

    In total that means I should have gotten 400G the next day.

    I had 135G in my inventory when I sold the items, but when I woke up the next day, I only had 265G. What I believe happened was it only gave me money for the LAST item I sold. Aka the pots at 130G. 135G(inventory) + 130(ClayPots) = 265G.

    So yeah, and It’s happened to me every time I got to sell stuff. Oops! Haha.

    • I also just went back and sold 5 Clay Pots. …It came to 75G…
      It’s odd when my 3 Clay Pots came to 130G the yesterday (in Game).

      Also, this time I sold things equal to 105G, but I got the 75G from only the post again. I even tried leaving and re-entering the building each time I sold a different item… but it didn’t work! Hahaha at this rate I’ll never get that sewing machine! :P

      • There is absolutely nothing wrong with the system, what’s wrong is that you think that the items were selling for that much!

        Each time you sell an item, the game will remind you the total amount of money you’re getting the next day, it keeps on adding up. For example, a Mint only sells for 25 gold, not 100! Tulips are only 10 gold … yeah, as you can see, the game was adding things up, not selling 1 mint for 100 gold :)

      • OH! Okay I see I’m sorry, I did not realize that! That makes so much more sense… Thanks for clearing that up.
        I’ll still continue testing, and hopefully pick out things that are actually wrong this time :P

  6. Other than the bugs already listed, I haven’t seen anything go on with the bachelor’s schedules yet. I did find this though, so I thought I’d mention it: If you go to throw away something, and you input a number higher than the amount you actually have of that item, it simply throws all of them away.

    This could be intentional, so you can throw away really large amounts by just inputting 99 and being done with it, but I wasn’t sure, so figured it couldn’t hurt to bring it up.

    • Yeah, it was intentional. There’s no way for the system to recognize the maximum amount of items you have, since it isn’t directly related to the item. You’re simply entering a number.

      So I figured it’ll be easier to allow them to input a higher number to throw away all items at once.

  7. The quantity of the items doesn’t go above 99.
    I had 50 wool in my inventory. I went to sheep farm to purchase another 50 wool.
    However, the quantity of wool in the inventory became 99 and yet 50 X 20 = 1000 gold was deducted from my money.

  8. Hello, it’s me again.
    I just started testing and so long I have only found:
    When talkin Bill at district 3, when he is leaving (from cotton field in this case), his textbox and all options open… and he continues his route, while all this is open.
    When going bed and saving, loading game continues from that day when you went in bed. In short: Day dosen’t change when loading save that was saved when going bed and going bed event dosen’t happen.
    Some reason James is wandering front of carpentery from 7-10 at Friday morning (or is stuck in one spot), and dosen’t go inside, until player does.

    • 1. Damn, that’s definitely a bug.

      2. That’s not a bug, you won’t load the game and have it be the next day already, because you saved BEFORE going to bed. It’s an advantage to the player and part of the gameplay.

      3. Have to check that one out as well.

      4. Dosen’t is not a word, you spell it as doesn’t.

      • 1. I’m gonna call that “Sorry, gotta go! …You still hear me?” bug.
        2. Oh, you removed auto going bed event? Good to know.
        4. Thanks, I really have some issues with my English.

      • And now one little text issue, you might already know it though:
        In Sunday 7, when talking Bill, text cuts out as “I assu-” and “Anyone ca- over…” I hate when RPGMaker does that >__<

  9. I want to test this beta, (It might be a bit late, but) but I don’t know how to play the game after I download it. Can you help? ( I’m using vista by the way)

    • Please read the instructions in the post. Most likely you’ll need to download the one that says With RTP.

      This download can only be opened with either WinRAR or 7-Zip, download links are in the post. Once the files are extracted, simply open the folder and install the .exe file. When it’s done, click on game.exe to play it.

  10. The fox’s schedule is strange.

    On Wed 3 morning, a rainy day, I saw the fox at the Wyde Forest. Then I walked to the cave and I saw the fox sleeping there.
    The sleeping fox in the cave was present the whole day, even though there’s another fox walking around in the Wdye Forest outside!
    From then onwards, I went to the cave every day and there’s always a sleeping fox in the cave for the whole day. So there are two foxes in the day.
    The sleeping fox was still there even when James was in the cave in the morning of Mon 8!

    Now, the strange thing is that I started a new game and there was NO sleeping fox in the cave on Wed 3. Or Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun and etc. Strange.

  11. Love your game sooo much, okay i think i found a glitch its kind of a funny one thought (i know i only found glitch funny looking XD) but i go to Bill’s house very early in the morning, he is standing in front of his dinner table, the counter is empty, but i talk (press z) to the counter Bill’s face appear saying “welcome do you need anything?”, he is very far away from his place of work, but when i press “z” its like he is working already, i don’t know if i explain my self correptly or if that was suppose to happen O.o, but just to report it in case, also sometimes when i minimized the game, while the cotton shop is open, when you open it back, the inventary is open as well as the menu. Also if you use the green heart cheat you put, when you go to sleep bill hearts will go back to only one heart.
    Also the game let me make yarn, dye and make cloths, but it does not let me tailor absolutely anything >.<

    So glitch founded so far:
    -Bill's work even when he is not at work XD.
    -Minimized error.
    -Green heart cheat you put goe back from green heart to gray heart, when you go to sleep (only Bill thought)
    -Does not let me Tailor, the sewing machine is not there (that's suppose to happen o.oU?)

    If i found anything else i will let you know, thanks again for all your hard work, your game is looking pretty amazing and is fun even just to test it ^w^

    • Thanks for testing, Bill only opens up shop starting from 10:00, so you should NOT be able to see the shop when it is before 10:00. I spotted the error and fixed it, thanks for pointing it out!

      I don’t really get your minimization error, since what you’re explaining to me is impossible (the inventory and the menu are two different things, and they cannot BOTH be open at the same time). Especially since minimizing the game does absolutely nothing and shouldn’t cause any errors. Can you replicate this? I certainly can’t.

      As for Bill reverting back to a black heart level; phew, my game is working smoothly! This is not a bug, the game is simply doing what it is supposed to do, and that is calculate the bachelor’s RP every new day. Since you cheated to get to a green heart, the game simply corrected the mistake and reverted him back to a black heart. So yes, this is supposed to happen.

      The sewing machine is not available to you in the beginning of the game. You need to earn at least 7000 gold before you can purchase it at the General Store in District 4.

      • I see, well about the minimized problem, i have the game open when i was writting the repot of glitchs, may be i press s and accidentally opened the menu, about both being opened, i actually didn’t explain myself correctly (sorry ^^U) the inventory was opened, i press “x” to go back and there was the menu, so i guess i accidentally opened the menu and then the inventary withouth notice, it was quiet weird o.oU, so i thouth it was a bug, sorry ^^U, well i will keep hunting bug and glitch, later =3

  12. Well, I just got a double whammy. I shipped some stuff, left the building, picked up a mint and was about to check to make sure it was in my inventory (because I want to be a good tester) and all my money is gone. I only had 60 gold but still. That can’t be good.
    So then I go to save the game and reload at a different time and I get a black screen. The music is still playing though.

    This all happened on the first day, a little after 15:31 I think. I noticed this when I was in the 1st District though I don’t know if the bug started in the 2nd District or the 1st.

    • Found another…well not a bug but something interesting and exploitable. I keep entering and reentering the 4th district at 14:40. Every time I do, I get to watch Calvin reenter the 4th district as well and sit at the bench. Over and over!

      • Ok, that’s definitely a bug, easy to fix though, Calvin just wasn’t programmed to be at the bench at 14:00, hence why you could keep seeing him re-do his path to the bench.

        As for the money, yikes, I probably missed something in the shipping. The way I handle shipping is to extract all money from the player, then compare what money the player has after shipping and give it to them the day afterwards, while giving the original money they had back without them noticing it. It probably skipped the step where it gives you your money back.

        As for the saving thing, you’re gonna have to help me out here and tell me where you had it saved. Where you in one of the districts? Or perhaps you were inside of a house? Are you able to press the D button to open up the inventory when the screen is still black (you’ll know you’ve opened it when you hear the sound effect)?

      • I heard no sound effects though the music still played. I was outside the three times it has happened and so far, it has only happened in District’s 3 and 4. The times it has happened was only after the money bug took place (though it could have nothing to do with it).

        I’ll try to replicate it and see where and when exactly it is happening.

        • Yeah I got it too, I have no idea why it happens though, seems to be very random. I get it when I have saved a game, then try multiple times to save again, and eventually before the save screen opens, I get a black screen as well.

          Damn, this is not something I can fix.

          Edit: nevermind, I take that back! I did manage to fix it. The event freeze script (which makes everything stop on-screen when the menu is open, so it effectively pauses everything), was not playing nice with the save menu. Basically, the event could randomly ‘freeze’ up right before the save screen, making the game unplayable onwards since it would never be unfrozen.

          I got it sorted out now, or at least, I haven’t run into the bug again.

  13. This isn’t an error in the game, but I thought I should point out that the download links are mixed up. When I click to download the beta with RTP it takes me to the one without RTP and vice versa.

  14. This isn’t a major bug or anything but whenever I talked to Bill, once I was done talking to him his portrait and name would stay on the screen for an extra second after the textbox disappeared.

    I’ll coninue testing, and great job, Celianna :)

    • Hah, that’s weird. Are you pressing the button to speed up the text when this happens? That can cause a bit of lag with the text and such, but not to the point the portrait goes away a second afterwards. It should be simultaneously.

      Be sure not to have other programs open so you do not lag!

      Hit F2 while in-game to see how many FPS you’re getting. 60 is perfect, anything below 50 is unacceptable.

      • Oh, that explains it-I had like five other programs open XD

        For FPS, I’m getting about 45 and above, depending on where I am.

        • 45 FPS? That’s low, but you’re still able to play the game without noticing the lag spikes. Let me guess, you lag the most when you’re in Wyde Forest, right?

          Unfortunately, this is not something I can fix, as it lies with your computer :( I recommend rebooting your computer, and then playing it again as the sole program that is running, it’ll work at its best performance then, for your computer that is.

          How much RAM do you have?

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