Just clearing things up

Yes, you can still go ahead and beta 1.0, so don’t worry about that. Thanks for all the comments guys.

Anyways, I just wanted to clear a few things up. I’ve noticed that sometimes people refer to Tailor Tales as a ‘fan game of Harvest Moon’. While I don’t deny that Harvest Moon has a huge influence on the game, it is not, and will never be, a fan game of Harvest Moon. Tailor Tales is a completely separate game with its own characters, its own plot, and its own style, and Harvest Moon has nothing to do with it.

So please stop referring to it as a fan game, it makes me sad, because it’s not. It’s my game. Call it a hobby game, an indie game – but not a fan game.

And then last point: I am the sole creator of Tailor Tales. I get some help every now and then of course, such as with scripting, or music – and they’re listed in the credits. But I am still the only person working on this. There’s no hidden team or anything, just me, Celianna.

Ok, that’s all. Go back to testing!

Edit: to make this a not so useless post, I started working on Lily and Buck’s sprite. I finished both of their front sprites, and that’s all I’ll be doing until the time comes where I’ll have to get off my ass and finish the entire spriteset. They’re gonna be the two NPCs I’ll be adding to the NPC schedule for the next beta.

So here’s the cast (that have a sprite) in a row:

They’re a bunch of colourful people, aren’t they? I really like Buck’s sprite, and right now, I’m sort of bummed out that I hadn’t thought of making him a bachelor. Too bad everything is already set up for the 5 bachelors I’ve been planning on since the beginning.

And here’s a random little bit of information: back when Tailor Tales was on hiatus, I was working on a project called Magic Overload. I was using it to shape up my eventing skills, and I made an evented battle system. You can watch a small demo video of it here. Notice anything peculiar about the sprite you control?

Yup, that’s right, James’s new design was based off of that guy. To be more precise, his name was Lenny, and he looked like this:

It was a nice little project, that stopped when my computer crashed and corrupted the project, erasing a good amount of progress I made on the battlesystem (the enemy actually had all of his skills programmed). Either way, I am grateful I did work on Magic Overload for a while because of two things: it really shaped up my eventing skills which came in mighty handy with the new Tailor Tales, and two; the spritesets I created for Magic Overload became an influence over the sprites used in Tailor Tales.

11 thoughts on “Just clearing things up

  1. Lily’s sprite is so cute! And Buck’s is too! All the sprites have so much detail, which is amazing because they’re so small. You are very talented.

  2. Wow, some people just don’t have anything productive to do with their lives other than troll on your beautiful game.
    Some people should learn to grow up.

    Anyway, I am also one of the people who will be eyeing at Buck as I do my daily routine xD
    But that’s fine! Even if he WAS a bachelor, I would still be going for the Fox first anyway. I need to see what he looks like! :P
    Plus I like the idea of how the story goes if HE becomes the one that falls in love with you! I’m a sucker for that kinda thing I guess. :P

  3. I think you should make lenny as a character in Tailor Tales :)
    By the way, i tried to download beta 1.0 yesterday, it worked but it said i didn’t have the right program to play it on…
    is there a program that i could download so i can play this beta?

    • Even if I wanted to, it’s too late now to add in any new characters. Everything has been programmed with only 17 characters in mind, with no room for more.

      Also, please read the instructions in the post you downloaded the beta from. Don’t skip reading the boring parts, they are there for a reason.

      If you read it, you’d know to download the version that says ‘With RTP’, but you downloaded the first link you saw, which was the wrong choice.

  4. I do wish Buck was a bachelor but, if you ever decided to make another Tailor Tales after you are done with this one he always could be. For now I could just walk by him in game and drool over him ^^. Your doing a wonderful job though and this isn’t a fan game. Tailor Tales is its own thing sure its influenced by it, but this game has tailoring, sex which harvest moon did lack o.O. Cotton stealing, alot more things that harvest moon didn’t. So your doing a great job ^^.

    • Well, if I ever finish this Tailor Tales, then I’d definitely make another one, and maybe Buck would be an eligible bachelor ;)

      … After all, I didn’t pick out the name ‘Tailor Tales‘ for no reason!

  5. Wow, trolling. How sad. Anyway, don’t listen to that silly person! It’s not a fan game for the Harvest Moon series at all, it’s YOUR game. And you’re doing a magnificent job in this humble lurkers opinion :)

    By the way, I love the new sprites! Man, I’m kinda bummed that Buck isn’t a bachelor either. He just seems so great! But then again, so do all the other bachelors…

    I’m too indecisive, I swear! Anyway, keep up the great work Celianna! I’m rooting for ya :D

  6. it is a fan game of harvest moon!! just with sex and cursing. coz thats all u ever think about, loser!!! and u DO have a hidden team!!! ur previous post said “Shame on me, and on YOU” meaning: u rely on ur unpaid beta-testers!!! liiar!!!

    • U HAVE NO LIFE PERSON!! Celianna, This is your game. Dont Worry. People or Just Jelous of Your aweosme Creation Skills. Dont listen to Them. Once Again, This is YOUR game. PS: TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO SAY THIS IS A FAN MADE GAME, SCREW YOU, GET A LIFE, AND I BET MOST OF U PPL CNT MAKE A DECENT GAME. SO STOP BEING MEAN AND PSS: dont troll man. That, was SO last Season. ;)

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