Let’s go on a date


Okay, it’s still a rough draft, but anyways, I wanted to keep this one a surprise, though I have been planning to add this gameplay feature for a while.

At first, I had it so that you could go on dates during marriage. But then I thought; why the hell not, and made it available from the start. Provided you have enough RP and the bachelor has a day off from work. You can only date the bachelor once a day too. Uhh, I’ll probably let you have multiple dates with different bachelors in the same day.

So basically, the bachelor can ask you out on a ‘date’, whether you interpret that as romantic is up to you. You don’t lose points by declining, just so you know. Once you accept, he’ll follow you around for 2 hours, and then he returns to his own schedule. You can talk to him during the date, and he’ll have a bunch of dialogue depending on which map you’re currently in.

I haven’t yet decided whether or not to make gifting and the questionnaire & emoticon available to the player during this date. It would mean a lot of extra work, since I would want those actions to reflect your date. I do know if I would add them, they wouldn’t score you any extra points. You get a fixed amount of DRP when you go on a date with them, and that’s it.

But wouldn’t it be awesome to drag a bachelor to your house, and be able to select the option to kiss him?

… Oh, I added in beating hearts for the bachelor now. This was already there during the very first Tailor Tales, but because I gave the players the option to freeze time when talking to a NPC, the beating hearts would freeze as well. Luckily, Sky00Valentine tweaked his script for me, and now I can have beating hearts again!

11 thoughts on “Let’s go on a date

  1. I was thinking the same thing about bringing the bachelor to the house! It seems like such a natural thing for Tailor Tales, you should definitely do it (have an option to kiss the bachelor at the house, after “x” number of dates or at enough RP). Just agreeing, that’s all.
    Also, the possibility to date several bachelors in a day really gets me wondering…Josephine is gonna be such a playah if that happens XD. Which I’m okay with, or rather indifferent to. I think it’d be cool to give gifts, but even better if it was only availble during the 2nd date, or at so many RP…

    I’m just really excited about this game~ Thanks for the updates, Celianna!

    • That’s a very interesting proposal, actually. You’ve got my brain working now: I definitely like the fact that you can do X after X amount of dates (I luckily thought ahead and made the system so that it does count the amount of dates you were on, phew!).

      Though I don’t want you to do X anywhere … maybe X only appears if you are on a certain map (for example, you can only kiss if you’re at the player’s, or the bachelor’s house). Interesting.

  2. How fun! Also, I totally think you should have a option that you can ‘kiss’ the guy during the date. (>0<)8

  3. OMG! That is so cute!! I love this feature! <3
    What a nice surprise! :D

    I really love all the different dialogue available on the date. :)
    I especially like "Oh hey! Let's visit Buck and James!" … then your like "nope" and left. lmao XD

  4. Gyaaaaaah! That is too cute! He’s like a puppy! I’m guessing that you can’t get more than one bachelor to date you at once. That would be too funny. You’d have a string of guys following you around, making a big old snakey chain.

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