Pottery is naturally perverted

I’m writing out some of Bill’s heart events, and one of them involves making pottery.

And oh my god, the sexual innuendos will. Not. Stop!

Just check out this line:

Bill: “Look, it’s all wet now. Now we just need to add some pressure onto the clay to make it taller … You’re doing a very good job.”

Or this:

Bill: “Then … place your foot on the pedal below you, and slowly push down.”

I’m honestly not even trying to make this perverted …

11 thoughts on “Pottery is naturally perverted

  1. Jokes aside, I was watching a really interesting documentary on BBC4 last night, Ceramics, A Fragile History: The Story of Clay. Some of the themes included how pottery reflected our natural desire to beautify form, even hundreds of years ago, how we’ve tried to immortalise events and people in stone, for ourselves and future generations, and how various social changes in history are linked with ceramics.

    There was a tear jerking moment in the middle when they showed two beautiful sculptures of a young girl. Her father was the pioneer in developing stoneware and when she died, aged just six years old, he created these poignant likenesses; one where she is lying down dead, wrapped in a blanket and the other with her standing as if raised to life again.

    I just thought I’d share that in case you were interested. Really rich subject you chose as a hobby for Bill.

  2. How About This

    P.S LOVE YOUR GAME Just a suggestion I would never dare to even force you to do this in my life

    Bill: First you spin the clay then you should put your hand on the handle to make the mold.

    Bill: That’s good keep on making the mold and….

    Bill: Its finished.

    Bill: Just let it dry.

    Bill: Now your’e done

    Bill: Thank you for spending your time with me, I had a really great time. I’m really happy. Oh i wish this day would last forever…..

    Fades Out

    Sorry for that please don’t mind soooooo sooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

  3. I was going to give some suggestions to you yesterday when I saw the date video but I felt way too perverse.

    Bill: We can go anywhere you like.
    Was that a tease? Was anyone not thinking about his bedroom?

    And here you’ve also got,

    Bill: We want the clay to end up nice and smooth and hard…
    Bill: Don’t be scared to get your hands get messy…
    Bill: You want to work up a steady speed…
    Bill: Careful how you handle it! <3

  4. LMAO!
    That’s so great! xD What heart event is it? I want to see it just to be able to laugh my ass off. Hahaha.
    So is this going to be anything like the movie “Ghost” or whatever its called? With the chick, the ghost and the pottery? … except with a chick, a farmer and pottery? xD

    • It’s his 4th heart event, and it’s supposed to be romantic D:

      Well, I guess it’ll work better in context haha.

      But yes, it is a shout out to the famous scene in Ghost.

      • I think what I’m going to end up doing is (after I marry the fox on one file) going through all the bachelors heart events before I choose one… I want to see if any of them can really woo me!
        Though that will make all the other bachelors jealous right?…Hmm…
        Who knows? Maybe the pottery scene will totally slap me in the face and be like “MARRY HIM!”. :D

  5. Oh, Bill, and here I was thinking that you were an innocent boy XD
    And you, dear, have traumatized me O.o Really XD.

  6. Thank you for forever ruining making pottery for me. I will never look at a pottery wheel the same way again. lol

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