Have you changed your mind?

I’m curious if you have changed your mind after a while of which bachelor you like the most.

Of course there’s not that much information about them available, and Bill is always the test subject so he always hogs the spotlight, but still; have you changed your mind on who you like the most, or are you still loyal to the first one you liked?

I will try to describe them a bit more in detail, so read before you vote:

Bill has lived in Claner for a long time, taking over his parent’s cotton farm, but he doesn’t really get along with most of the people who live there. He’s been homeschooled for his entire life, and therefor never really got to interact with anyone his age, and lacks the social skills to make new friends. He feels most awkward around girls, whom he has no idea how to interact with, and tends to stumble over his words and blush from embarrassment. Bill also has issues with his name, and dislikes his freckles, making him feel even more awkward.

Because Bil is a passive guy, and James is the aggressive one, they managed to balance each other out and become friends after James moved in. Bill enjoys sleeping in, and making pottery. He’s can also be a bit lazy at times, and envious of James who always works hard.

He never says anything bad about people, but still doesn’t really like being around Roy and Calvin since they steal his cotton and are rather loud.

Calvin moved to Claner along with Roy, his best friend, a few years ago and started a sheep farm. He is very laid back, and tends to take things as they come. He doesn’t like to talk about what happened before he came to Claner, and has never even told the reason to his best friend either. If you don’t bug him about his past, he’s easy going, and likes to read fantasy and romance stories and take pictures of nature. He also has a side of him that likes to play around and pull pranks, which can get him into trouble every once in a while.

Calvin is the rational one and therefor makes sure Roy doesn’t do anything stupid, despite him indulging in Roy’s antics, or even participating in one of Roy’s crazy ideas. He doesn’t like people that would call him boring for reading stories, because everyone has got their own hobbies. He also has a very hard time dealing with people who lie all of the time.

He gets along with most people, and hangs out with Nikki occasionally. He stays away from James, and likes to tease Bill.

James has a very abrasive personality, and has zero tolerance against stupidity and idiots. He’s been living with Buck for several years in Claner, working hard at the carpentry. He’s definitely no slacker, and seems to have a goal that he’s working hard towards. He doesn’t like anyone bothering him, so he acts very curt towards those who annoy him. It also irritates him to see Buck be so easy going and frequently tells him to ‘man up’. James works hard to improve, and expects people to criticize his work so he can move forward, and in return he criticizes other people. He doesn’t believe compliments help anyone.

He has a soft spot for people who are passive, yet hard working, which is why he became friends with Bill – and still manages to tolerate living with Buck. He thinks that people are always taking advantage of the kindness that Buck and Bill display, and is therefor very hard on them so that they can stand up for themselves.

He has a very immense dislike towards Roy, who he thinks is a little fairy prancing around.

Roy’s goal in life is to make every day fun, and to avoid having to ever say ‘I”m bored’. He has dyed his own hair white (which faded into grey), because he disliked the way his hair looked before, it was too boring for him. He moved into Claner a few years ago after spotting an ad for taking over a sheep farm in a newspaper. Feeling spontaneous, he dragged Calvin along to live in Claner. Roy is very energetic and likes to break the rules, or sometimes pretend they don’t even exist. He frequently drags Calvin into another one of his schemes again, happy to do something that is entertaining, even just a little bit.

Roy gets along with most of the people in Claner, showering them with compliments and small talk. He’s been best friends with Calvin for years, and would sometimes not know what to do without him, so he’s very happy to still live with him. He likes technology, and is very interested in videogames and browses the internet every day.

He doesn’t get along with James, thinking he’s just a big brute with a loud mouth.

The fox
Name only revealed in-game, he happened to be very unlucky the day he visited the market at Claner and insulted a certain person. Not much will be revealed about him, aside from the fact that he’s very grumpy, bugs the main character all the time to get him to turn back into a human, and is otherwise very sarcastic in the way he talks.

Alright, here are the two polls!

And here’s a little sneak peek to some of the new character designs:

You’ve already seen Vivian, Nikki and Eddie, but Nadya and Samantha have been added now as well. Just a few more sketches to go and I’ve got the entire cast down.

13 thoughts on “Have you changed your mind?

  1. I was wondering, Nikki is supposed to be about the same age as Joselina/Abigail, right? Maybe a bit younger…
    Will there be any “rival events” or something like that? :)

  2. Calvin is so, so much like my fiance that it’s crazy. Well, except for the hobbies and looks. The rest is pretty much spot on, though! Lol. So guess who my first playthrough will be with? Second one will likely be Roy.

  3. Roy is definately my favorite. I’m just into the really fun-loving guys I guess. But in my first playthrough I think I’m going for the fox because I really think that it’s be fun wooing the one that wants you to get married in the first place. A good plot twist in videogames makes me really happy, especially in a dating sim like this. But yeah, even though it seems like I’m the only one who thinks so, Roy will always be number one to me xD

  4. Celianna; what’s your personal ranking for all the guys? Since you know them better than us, I’m curious to know your personal point of view?

    • Well, here’s my ranking if I knew them in real life:

      1. Bill would be my boyfriend
      2. Calvin would be my friend (on par with James)
      3. James would be someone I respect and look up to (on par with Calvin)
      4. Roy I would avoid like the plague
      5. The fox would be someone I’d hate

      And my ranking when I know it’s just a videogame:

      1. Bill
      2. James
      3. The fox
      4. Calvin
      5. Roy

      I don’t hate any of them though ;)

  5. At first, I liked the fox best, then it was a tie between Bill and James, then James shot up for some reason, and then you changed the portraits… I really can’t decide. D:
    (Right now it’s Bill. He’s too adorable! <3)

  6. I love all of them! I really can’t decide!
    I know that I want to marry the fox, but I didn’t use that as my answer. I wanted to choose who I want to marry AFTER him… but… I can’t decide!

    So maybe I’ll try going through all their heart events… and see which one woos me! <3

  7. I still like the fox the best. James is my second favorite. I don’t particularly think I’ll like Bill. Sorry but I either never notice pushovers or I end up taking advantage of them by accident (and yes, it really is a mistake when I do it). Plus, he’s a ginger and you can never be sure they have souls (J/K)!

  8. Bill is the best. Period.

    As for the other guys, I favor them in the same order that you present them above although my opinion has changed about them.

    Calvin has gone down a notch since he clearly doesn’t mind indulging in Roy’s antics. I don’t respect that but I’ll still wed him in the second playthrough lol. James has risen up somewhat since he’s clearly a nice guy who’ll call a spade a spade and I like that – even if he may be straight to the point of hurting someone’s feelings, which I haved mixed feelings about but I won’t bore you with an explanation. Roy was tied for third place with James but now he’s slid down a bit for the same reason as Calvin. I’ll save the fox for last because I’m sure it will be one of the funniest and marrying the guy who started this whole thing is a great way to round it all off.

    Also I think I’ll marry my favorite girl, Joselina, to my two favorite boys. Then for variation as much as sentimental value, Abigail with the last three.

    p.s. I keep meaning to mention but have you considered taking a knapzak and having a picnic with someone? Could even be Buck ;)

    • I just noticed the extra characters. They look great! Nadya seems really interesting. All your characters have so much life, it’s really refreshing.

    • I’m glad to see you still like Bill, he needs some love <3

      As for Calvin and Roy, I think you'll definitely like them a lot more if you'd ever see all of their heart events, they've got reasons for acting the way they do – and will be a changed person when you marry them.

      Let's see, on a scale of who has the most disturbed and emotionally scarring 'past', these would be the rankings:
      1. Calvin
      2. James
      3. Bill
      4. Roy

      As you can see, Calvin is at the top. He's got his reasons ;)

      • Yeah it’s funny. Normally everyone seems to jump on characters like James, while I leave them for the last. In the case of TT though I find even James looks great and I look forward to his playthrough.

        So the order is, Bill, Calvin (which it was from the beginning), then James, Roy and the Fox.

        Let’s put it like this, “Tailor Tales: Bill” would make me die happy. The fact that there’s four other lovely guys just makes it five times more awesome.

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