More dating mechanics

Been a bit busy lately, but I’ve been thinking how to further develop the dating part (see previous post) and make it more interactive.

And then I thought: wait, I can use this for a lot of other things as well.

For example, I have it set that the bachelor will ask you questions as well as give you gifts randomly, depending on your RP with him. I am now planning on making this only happen during dates, so it’s more interactive and fun. So now he’ll ask you questions and give gifts on dates, seems more realistic, no?

Now instead of only relying on RP to determine when they ask things, or give stuff, it will also rely on their dating mood. Yup, I’m adding a mood bar during dating. The bachelor will start off as neutral, and can become either happier during the date (talk to him or give him a gift), or angrier if you ignore him. There’s 5 moods: angry, sad, neutral, content, happy.

Smiley faces, yeah!

I haven’t exactly figured out what the mood bar will unlock, it’s still a rough draft I’m thinking of, but I’m definitely planning on making the player take the bachelor to certain locations, and have certain options available to them if the bachelor’s mood is alright.

For example, you can take him out to the Diner and eat a meal together if he’s at least at neutral or higher. Or you can go to the beach and just chill. Maybe have a picnic in the forest, that sort of stuff. If you’re the bachelor’s girlfriend (yes girlfriend is a status now, which is akin to getting married – meaning you can’t break up/divorce), you can kiss each other. I’m also planning on making this the only way to initiate sex with the bachelor when you’re married to him – at least I got that one figured out.

I’m still debating whether or not to make the amount of dates you’ve been on together actually count in unlocking stuff. It’s a given that you’ll have more options if he’s at a higher heart level (like kissing), but what about how many dates you’ve been on? What should that unlock? Oh, I guess this could unlock different questions, instead of tying this to the RP.

But hey, I’m open for suggestions! What do you want to do on a date?

Personally I’d love to have the option to hold hands, but that is a nightmare to program! I can get him to follow you, no problem, but attach him to the player? Yikes.

Edit: wait, I just had an idea that would mean changing a core part of the game. Right now, you can ask the bachelor questions, as well as perform actions on him during every-day life. However, making this only available during dates would make much more sense … so that you can only talk or give gifts during every day life, while ask questions and do things to him during dates. What do you think?

And here’s a random sketch of another NPC, Aaron, the father of Samantha and Eddie, husband of Helga, and the owner of the Diner.

Just 4 more NPC sketches to go before I got the entire cast! Err, I mean 5, I keep forgetting to include the human version of the fox.

12 thoughts on “More dating mechanics

  1. Wow, it’s really coming along (…sorry, I just read your clay post)!
    I like it~ You’ve probably already said this, but I can’t rememebr: can the bachelors propose too? For marriage/girlfriend?

    • Yup, bachelors will propose to you during the yearly ball if you are their girlfriend.

      As for the girlfriend status, this will happen at the end of the 5th heart event where he will confess to you, and you can either reject him, or accept him.

  2. Oh the fox, I cannot wait! I can’t wait to see the human version of him! Ibet it’ll look so cute! I want to see him get transformed as a human, but somehow he still has the ears and the tail! That would be so cute! Omigawd!

  3. I like all of those ideas… wow, this is getting complicated! The smilies are adorable (like others have said), and the idea to separate the actions between every day and date seems to be a good one. It makes the dates seem more special. And it probably will take out a few potentially wonky situations (like you mentioned, hugging other guys while on a date with someone).

  4. I’d like to show off my boyfriend (feels a bit weird typing that) to other people or even just the other bachelors – like “Aren’t I lucky to have this relationship with -?” In real life I hate it when people are arrogant and do that kind of thing but I would like seeing the different reactions in the game.

    On that note, you could also invite another bachelor or whoever to join you and your boyfriend on a date once in a while – like Bill-James, Calvin-Roy, Fox-Gypsy Lady ;)

  5. I don’t know if making the questions and actions just during dates is the best way to go… I kinda like the idea of being able to go up and randomly hug one of them without having to be on a date.. what if I just want to give a hug to up the FP, but want to do something else without worrying about dude following me all the time or losing points for not talking to him? I don’t know, maybe the questions could just be for the date, but actions I think should stay as is. :)

    Love the new sketch and smiley faces btw ^^-

    • Actually you just brought up a point I hadn’t thought of: you would be able to hug bachelors, while you’re already on a date with someone else. That would … kinda complicate things.

      So I think I will be removing it from regular gameplay, and only making it show up during dates. If you become their girlfriend/wife then it’ll be available during regular gameplay as well. This would give marriage another perk, which makes it something to look forward to.

      As for losing points, you don’t lose points. His mood bar will start at neutral and it can go lower or higher. The higher it is, the more things you can do together. Also, at the end of the date, if you have him at the highest mood, you’ll get awarded the most DRP, but if he’s angry, you won’t get any points. You don’t lose any though.

      Think of dating as a fun gameplay element that also scores you some extra points.

      • Okay, I guess when you put it that way it makes more sense to take it out of normal gameplay. :)
        You’re right, having it only on dates and when you are married/their girlfriend does give us something to look forward to!
        Okay, I was confused about the whole points thing, but you cleared it up for me. Thank you kindly! :D I’m so excited for this game ^^-

  6. Personally, I think your later idea is good. Keeping the questions and stuff for dates seems like you’re actually getting something from letting him follow you around like a puppy.

  7. (Those smileys are adorable!)
    How about the option to give THEM gifts? Like, it helps to get them in a good mood, but not enough to skip the questions completely. And maybe the more dates, the better is the gift they give you?
    Ugh, I dunno, I’m horrible with ideas, but it’s awesome to hear that you are trying to make the game better and more enjoyable. ;;

    • Well, you can already give them gifts once a day, so this would be included with the date as well.

      I do like the idea of them giving you a more valuable gift when you’ve gone on more dates together.

  8. You could have them hold hands on the bench in district 4. or 3 wherever you have them set up. If you do it too little then he doesnt like it so much and its a waste. But do it too long and he starts to get bored and maybe a message with “Can we do something else or is this all you do on dates?” appears. Maybe something nicer though. And if you do it just enough he really likes it and when you get off the bench a different message appears saying “That was nice just sitting there with you…” And not just on benches maybe the beach in the bachelors house wherever might be good. You might get better dating points on the place you choose to hold hands. and you can only hold hands a certain number of times on a date. if you choose good you get more dating points. Its an idea, but it would save you time it getting him attached to the player, you would still implement it and the benches would have more purpose.

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