NPC update

I planned out Lily and Buck’s schedule, now all that’s left to do is put them into the game.

I also finished up Vivian’s portrait, so here she is:

I’m happy I decided to go for a very minimalistic shading technique to be able to draw these portraits faster than I would have if I made it really detailed.

Vivian is one of my favourite NPCs that is not the main character, or a bachelor. In essence, she’s a vindictive, cunning little bitch, that managed to marry a real sweetheart of a guy. She is the private teacher of Samantha and Eddie, and favours Samantha because it’s basically her but in kid-form.

And just for kicks, here you can compare the newer NPC designs versus the old designs:

Lily remained virtually unchanged. Buck got a facelift, and his scar was placed on his arm, while Vivian got longer hair and a new outfit.

To see the entire cast (at least, those who are finished), click here.

8 thoughts on “NPC update

  1. The improvement is simply amazing!
    I LOVE Vivian’s new design, she really does look the part xD

    I also am excited to see these characters ‘in action’ I guess you could say.

  2. It’s so refreshing to see a change from the usual cookie cut, friendly dipwad character. She’s kind of a bitch. Even better, she’s in a position involving the education of children. Muahaha! I can’t wait to see the rest of the characters.

  3. Ooh Vivian seems like a really interesting character definitely fresh from usual characters you encounter in harvest moon that let you walk all over them. Since she seems to favour manipulation in a person, will she encourage that side in the heroine or just see her has someone else to manipulate?

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