Portrait update again

I haven’t really worked on the actual game for a while, and instead have been focusing on sketching characters and completing their portraits.

I have edited Roy’s portrait to remove the long strands of hair based on suggestions (though I won’t be editing his in-game sprite), so here’s how he looks now.

Damn, that means my header is outdated, again!

And then I finished op Nadya’s portrait. Nadya has my favourite character design of them all, with Buck being a close second.

I’m beginning to notice a quality difference between the early portraits I made, versus the ones I recently made. For example, Joselina was one of the first portraits drawn, plus she has a small resemblance to Nadya, and you can tell she’s kind of plain and Nadya has a lot more ‘oopmh’. This has nothing to do with their breastsizes.

Grr, I hate when I get better at a certain style and my old stuff starts looking dated … and then I start editing the old stuff to match the new stuff – AND IT’S AN ENDLESS CYCLE. I must restrain myself from doing this, otherwise I’m never gonna get anything done.

I’ve also recorded myself when colouring Nadya’s portrait, which will be uploaded to YouTube sometime today. It took me an hour and 20 minutes to finish the line-art plus colouring. Versus the sketching phase which took me like 3 hours haha. I sketch longer than I colour!

Edit: and here’s the video:

2 thoughts on “Portrait update again

  1. Holy crap monkeys! It’s Esmerelda! Run Quasi run!

    Sorry, it’s hard to restrain myself from making cross references. On a side note though, I always thought the Hunchback of Notredame would have been much better if Esmerelda really had spooky gypsy powers.

    • Haha, that’s okay, since Esmeralda *was* an inspiration for Nadya’s design! I think Esmeralda is the prettiest of all the girls from the Disney Princesses franchise. Plus I liked her spunk, but hated the fact she didn’t fall in love with Quasi :(

      Why no love for Quasi? :(

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