Why Tailor Tales will never feature a male MC

Warning, rant ahead!

My very first Harvest Moon game was A Wonderful Life for the GameCube that I bought about 7 years ago. I saw it at the store, and thought the cover looked cute. I read the back, and saw that you could farm and get married as well. Cool, I thought, and bought it. That was my introduction to the Harvest Moon franchise.

As I found out, farming was actually boring, but I really enjoyed the interaction with the NPCs. I also enjoyed wooing the girls, especially Nami, who was the cool redheaded chick that didn’t like flowers. I enjoyed the game so much, I even based my username off of one of the girls in it, which was Celia (which became Celianna). While the farming part was boring (this is a flaw in AWL though, not HM in general), I didn’t mind this as I walked around, doing whatever the hell I wanted.

Oh, and I loved that Darryl, the crazy scientist guy would come visit me on my farm, or as he says ‘studying cows’. Rudy and Flora were pretty fun to talk to, and oh man, how I wish I could marry Lumina (which they made an option in the special edition)!

I never once thought to myself that it was odd for me to play a game that was directed towards guys, and you could only court girls. It didn’t bother me, and frankly, I never gave it much thought.

I realized I enjoyed playing games with romance in it, and began searching for games, that were available to me as well as in English, that had romance in it. I didn’t find more than a text game called The PK Girl (which was still awesome, by the way, you can download it here.), and some random visual novel game about a guy meeting up a woman in a park, or something, I forgot.

As I played these, I started to notice there was a huge lack of romancing available in games (that were in English) … but even more so – all of this was marketed towards guys. If you wanted to date some guys instead, there was absolutely no game to turn to.

And I thought: how is it possible that there were no romance games marketed towards girls? Especially when they make up the majority of fanfiction writers who write under the category of romance, draw the most fanart of their preferred fancouple, go crazy over Harvest Moon since it’s the only English game readily available that has some romance in it, and in general, discuss romance quite a lot on the internet.

So then how did this huge market get ignored? Girls don’t play games? Don’t make me laugh. But that’s what the companies think, that there is no market for romance games directed towards girls, some don’t even considers girls to be a market at all.

In Japan of course, there is an abundance of visual novels that involve dating. Most of them are marketed towards boys, as always, but at least there are options for girls out there. But none of those ever see the daylight out of Japan, and they go largely unnoticed because of that. That’s why Harvest Moon is so popular with girls; they want a romance game that is in English, and Harvest Moon was the only one that offered this.

There are some companies that are slowly starting to pay attention to girls, as witnessed with Princess Debut which got translated to English. There was also Sprung which was a crappy DS game, but featured some nice animation.

Nevertheless, I, as a girl gamer myself who wanted to play an English romance game that for once was not a BxG game, but a GxB, was underwhelmed by the lack of options.

So I decided to make one myself, out of frustration that there was nothing available to me, and because I thought I could actually pull this off and ‘show them’ that there is a huge market for girls like me.

And there is! All you have to do is look over at the Lemmasoft forums, and see that the majority are girls who want to play girl dating boy games, and they are taking control of the lack of these games in their own hands; out of sheer desperation we are making our own games because there is nothing to turn towards. This ends up with a bunch of random games where the overall quality is usually poor, or worse, the game will never even get finished.

There is a market for us out there, and that is why Tailor Tales will forever stay a dating game for girls, made by a girl. We’ve got nowhere else to turn towards, so don’t ask me if I can add a male main character to the game, as well as female bachelors.

/end rant.

11 thoughts on “Why Tailor Tales will never feature a male MC

  1. Yeah, most of the Harvest Moon games are all directed toward guys, but there were some for girls, *cough* More Friends of Mineral Town, Harvest Moon For Girls, ect. *cough* Any way, I think it is time for a break from the traditional, a.k.a affection mode, (although I probably won’t be playing this simply because of that), so kudos to you! My game is going to be similar, but on the premise of fighting instead of being a Tailor, so you have given me inspiration. Thanks, and I hope your game is finished well and gains a cult status! XD

  2. Omg, we were so introduced to the Harvest Moon series the same way! I also love Daryl,Flora,Ruby, but also Nina and Lumina.

  3. You go girl.

    As a girl gamer myself and I’ve noticed, your totaly right, and for who ever wanted to play as a guy…nice thoughts but its YOUR GAME, YOU CREATED. As such who ever holds a ‘hissy fit’ can just go off and look for another game to play, though I have to say…

    They dont know what they are missing, Your doing a good job and it will be thier misfournate for them not to play a game like this, I wish you good luck on completeing the game!

  4. The romance thing is an embarrassing hobby for me. I don’t mean to offend or anything but I keep the romance novels and games to myself for the most part (except online with other people who enjoy the romance novels, etc.). It’s not that I think my friends would stop talking to me or something like that, it’s just that even though I’m usually a confidant person, I don’t really feel comfortable letting everyone know how much of a girly-girl I can be.

    That being said, I think it is partially the fault of people like myself that more professional game developers do not make games geared towards us. If I and others like myself would be more open about it and showed that we would buy the games then maybe they’d create more female dating games.

    I love seeing the effort that goes into the free and commercial games made by small companies and individuals, especially those on Lemma Soft Forums. Hmm, I think I’m being a little too random with this post. I guess I should have just stuck to saying ‘Stick to your guns girl!’

    • I don’t think it’s a problem of not being open about it, you wouldn’t have to look further then fans of the Twilight series to see how vocal girls are about romance – or the hordes of squealing fangirls of Justin Bieber who idolize him and wish he was their boyfriend.

      These are also the same people who would play dating games, if given the opportunity.

      I think it stems more from the fact that videogames had always been seen as a ‘boy’s thing’. Even now, in 2011 people can still look at you weirdly for being a girl that plays games, despite girl gamers being there from the very start.

      Luckily this is changing, but not fast enough for me, so I appreciate the people on LSF as well, and wish them all the luck they need to complete a game they would want to play.

      Oh, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed, dating games are fun ;)

  5. I know exactly what you mean. Harvest Moon introduced me to the whole genre and ever since, I can’t even count how many times I’ve searched google, in hopes of finding a dating sim in english. And then I’m not even talking about the ones for females… it’s just sad. That’s why I think that what you’re doing is amazing, you’re setting an example.

    On a side note, you might already be aware of this, but just in case you weren’t: There’s a japanse otome game called ‘Tokimeki memorial’ out there for the Nintendo DS. The first two games of this series got translated to English by fans not too long ago. I think you’d really enjoy them. :)

    • Ugh, I do the same thing, hoping to find ANY kind of romance game in English, and disappointed when I come up with maybe 1 result, and it’s probably not even the main genre, and definitely not a GxB game.

      You might be interested in some of the GxB flash games made by Pacthesis, who can be found here on DeviantArt, their latest dating sim is pretty fun to play, though all of them lack a lot of substance.

      Thanks for the recommendation! It’s always a shame to see otome games that will never be released in English, that fans have to actually translate it themselves – though I have the utmost respect for those that translate it.

  6. I really enjoyed this rant rather interesting on why you would keep it like this but i am gonna ask the most randomest question ever. Why not make a male playable character that dates the others males. I had to ask it if you dont want to or feel comfortable answering or find my question stupid its ok just had to ask

    • Well, I personally have nothing against it, but everyone in the game refers to the gender of the main character several times, which would be extra effort in changing it again.

      Not to mention the fact that you can only wear dresses in this game, and that would simply look stupid on a guy.

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