Beta 1.0 closed, and livestreaming

Heads up, Beta 1.0 downloads have been set to private and you can no longer download it, since testing is over. After a certain period of time, I stop getting feedback, despite the number of downloads going up in the hundreds.

In other news, I’ve finished Nadya’s front sprite, so here’s the entire cast again, with Nadya at the end:

I love her design <3

I'm also planning on livestreaming later today when making either a portrait or a new sprite, let's say around midnight -1 GMT, or 5 PM CST.

The livestream link is here, though I'm not currently live:

Edit: I’m currently livestreaming people, click on the link above to come join me ;)

Edit2: Livestream has ended, thanks for watching guys! During the livestream I managed to complete Samantha and Nikki’s portrait, as well as Samantha and Vivian’s sprite. Here they are:

6 thoughts on “Beta 1.0 closed, and livestreaming

  1. The sprites do look great! I feel almost ashamed that I couldn’t really find any bugs in the beta! Usually I run over all kinds of weirdness, but all the ones I found had already been reported. XD

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