Nikki & Samantha

Since I finished them up during yesterday’s livestream, here is their complete information:

The Characters page is starting to look like … well, a real character page ;D

A little interesting note on Samantha. As I was colouring her dress, I immediately went for a lilac colour. And then I realized … hey, didn’t I already make this character before? Wavy orange hair, blue eyes and a purple dress … woops! I get too influenced by past work. In fact, Joselina’s redesigned dress is simply a rehash of the previous character I was talking about.

Man, I gotta be like, more original and stuff.

12 thoughts on “Nikki & Samantha

  1. Hello, I’ve just discovered this game and I am definitely looking forward to it!

    I find it funny that there is a character with my name and birthday (Nikki, Feb. 10 so I always choose Winter 10). Welp, guess I’m going to have to get creative with names and b-days for once instead of using my own. XD

    Lovely characters, by the way. I like how they seem to have flaws and in that sense more characterization than the ones in the HM games I’ve played, however much I still love those characters.

    • Haha, what a coincidence! It’s like I stole your identity (you don’t happen to have blonde hair with blue eyes, right?). My birthday is February 11, one day after yours, so I always translate that to Winter 11 as well :)

      • Replying late for great justice! (and school work)

        Naw, I actually have brown eyes and brown hair. I kind of wish I did though, would have been hilarious. And the personality doesn’t fit me either, but I like her nonetheless. Clearly cake and pastries are the quickest way to a person’s heart (and wallet). XD

  2. Haha, Samamantha’s got spunk XD. Wow.
    So do you still plan on doing “Dragonboy”? I’m a sucker for stories like that :3.

  3. “I know that I’m fabulous.”
    “I will politely accept your money.”

    Are you sending subliminal messages here?

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