I present you: the Affection Mode

A few things have changed since the conception of the questionnaire and the emoticon. Back then, the emoticon meant this:

And well, sure it’s kind of nice, but boring and outdated. I invented the dating system, where you go on dates with the bachelor. I wondered what the player could unlock if they went on a lot of dates with the bachelor. I also wondered how I was going to include the emoticon while dating.

Remember a while ago I talked about a sex mini game? Wondering if I should make one, and if I would, what would it be like?

Well say no more, here is the conception of the Affection Mode system. Here’s an image with a lot of information about it, which I made mostly for myself because this is complicated as hell.

Basically, the AM will launch after you have had a successful date (full happy meter) with the bachelor, and he’ll ask if you still want to continue hanging out for a bit. Say yes, and a screen showing different body parts will open up, as well as a close-up of the bachelor on the screen.

You’ll be able to select between two modes: hand mode, or mouth mode (provided they’re both unlocked). Choose hand mode, pick a body part of the bachelor, and then you’ll be presented with a few options such as:

– Poke
– Pat
– Smack
– Hold
– Stroke
– Caress

Select one of them and you’ll perform that action on the bachelor, vice versa for the mouth mode. If he likes it, the AM meter will go up. If he doesn’t like it, the meter will go down. I have not yet decided if I should make this run on time or not.

The AM meter represents the bachelor’s feelings at the moment, and is divided into four phases: reserved, friendly, sensitive and hot. You can only clear the reserved phase when you are at a blue heart and below, and this is also the only phase you can clear in the censored version (you know, for the kiddies).

You can clear the friendly phase if you are at a green heart level and up. This then goes into sensitive stage if you are at a yellow heart level. This in turn transforms into the hot stage if you are at a red heart level and above. Jackpot can only be cleared during marriage, which leads to sex (screen fades to black) and AM ends.

Clearing a phase when you do not have the required heart level for the next phase will end the AM, and you’ll gains some bonus points for clearing said phase.

Each bachelor has their own preferences (as well as a sweet spot), and it’s your job to find out what he likes. Be careful, while you might have unlocked a bunch of options, he might not like you sucking his lips if he is at the reserved phase. Though you can go all out at the hot phase.

The amount of dates you’ve been on will unlock the body parts. While each heart level is tied to the amount of body parts you can touch, it is the amount of dates that you’ve been on that will really unlock them. For example, you are at a yellow heart, but have been on 0 dates, that means you won’t have any body parts unlocked except for the default. On the other hand, if you are at a green heart level, but have been on a countless amount of dates, you will only have unlocked the body parts that are available for that heart level.

And that, ladies (and gentlemen), is the Affection Mode that completely replaces the old emoticon and the questionnaire.

Thoughts are appreciated as always.

Oh, have I mentioned that the bachelors will have small voices? Such as sighing, moaning etc. I’m planning on making them moan with pleasure during the hot phase ;D

Right, this is also important to note. Act like a slut and you’ll gain slutpoints, which can have consequences … what they are, I do not know just yet.

27 thoughts on “I present you: the Affection Mode

  1. Wait, so…you can NEVER do it with the fox character (as a human, of course)? …Wow. At first, this was kinda depressing, but the idea sunk in…it’s sort of like being “Belle” in “Beauty and the Beast”, except we’re not nearly as pure-hearted, and it’s completely different :D.
    I LOVE the SlutPoints thing, especially if there’s consequences. Loveitloveitloveit <3.
    The undressing initiative is a plus, too (I was worried it would just start with them in the nakey). Will the bachelor start with the shirt off, then when the meter gets to a higher point, the pants? Or something like that? Just wondering~.

    I like the idea of the guy saying/doing things to the main character, especially during the friendly or sensitive stage. Though I can't imagine Bill smackin' a** all the sudden XD. James….maaayyybe.
    Whether it's dialogue or an action he does, will the main character ever respond with sounds? Like…you know…sigh/moan sound? …Imagine Abigail in her bedroom with one of the guys, and they touch her somewhere (probably Roy, since Roy seems to be the depicted playboy xD), and then an option menu comes up whether to return the romantic gesture, or slap him XD. Oh, that'd be so funny.
    \But a simple interaction, like "I love you" sounds good too…

  2. Will there be an option to stop in the middle of AM? Like, I reached the friendly phase, but then decided I want to stop?
    And if there is would that affect the bachelor in some way?
    And LOL at the smiley.

    • Let’s see, it will go something like this:

      Once you have had a successful date, the bachelor will ask you if you still want to hang out some more. Say no and you won’t lose any points, and the date will end. Say yes, and you will then be transferred to a map that the bachelor likes to hang out at. This is the ‘reserved’ phase.

      Once you complete this phase, he’ll ask if you want to go back to your own home. Say no and you’ll lose half the points you’ve accumulated. Say yes, and you’ll be transferred to your house. This is the ‘friendly’ phase.

      Complete the friendly stage, and *you* will ask him if he wants to sit on the bed with you. He’ll always agree, but if you don’t ask him, you will lose no points and the date ends. This is the ‘sensitive’ phase..

      If you manage to complete the sensitive stage, you will be given the option to strip the bachelor from his clothes. If he’ll be completely naked, I’ll leave that one to your imagination ;D anyways, this is the ‘hot’ phase. If you don’t continue onto this phase, you will lose a lot of points you’ve gathered (since you basically teased the hell out of him with no release). If you are married you will be able to select his penis which will lead to sex and grants a lot of points, if you do not select this, he’ll lose a lot of points.

      That said, if you do not have the required heart level to advance to the next phase, you won’t lose any points and the date will end if you cannot continue any further. Hope that answers your question!

  3. Will the bachelor always start reserved after a date or will his mood be random or just depend on what stage you are with him? Like say if I were to go activate the AM will there be days when the bachelor will be more enthusiastic than others and days when he just doesn’t want? Will he also have his own set of actions towards the player?

    • Yup, the meter will always be back at the beginning at each date. He won’t be more enthusiastic on different days, it stays the same.

      As to whether or not he’ll have actions towards the player, I want to add this, but I’m not sure how to present this yet (maybe through dialogue?).

  4. I…I was not expecting this at all. XD Ha. Slutpoints.
    Even though I’m getting the censored version (fracking little sisters!), I was looking for the butt, cause I’ll totally smack Bill’s butt.

    • Nope, the questionnaire is taken out so I can focus all of my attention to the Affection Mode which is pretty complicated.

      Nonetheless, you will be able to ask the bachelor questions while you’re dating him (you’ll be prompted with a couple of choices), and he’ll ask you questions in return as well.

  5. Slutpoints xD Can’t wait to make Joselina sleep around with all the guys. This is just an awesome addition to the game, and I have no doubt I’ll have a lot of fun with this~

    Btw, did you base this on Dual Love? (I’m just wondering since the whole system just reminds me so much about it)

    • I have yet to think about what will happen if you act like a slut though XD

      But I do know that if you start fondling different bachelors with actions that are cleared at a yellow heart level, you’ll rack up in slut points. It’s to discourage cheating in the game.

      Never heard of Dual Love though, but it’s not a surprise something like ‘touching the guy at a certain spot’ already exists. I’m sure there’s loads of games that do this …. very pervy games!

      • I too am looking forward to this lol and there are games with it I have 3 that are a series and something I love is that if the guy is not in the mood or you are in public and you keep touching him getting him even more ‘happy’ you have to stop, or it will decrease points. But I am going to have alot of fun with this Celi, so I thank for all that is pervy ^^.

  6. Oh god! This is so funny; in a good way I assure you. Are you eventing this entirely? And who’s going to do the voices for the bachelors? So now there are no more questions or emoticons right? They have now been completely replaced by the foreplay mini-game?

    • Yup, eventing this completely with pictures, I can already think of the structure, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

      The voices will be done by members of the Voice Acting Alliance forum, if I can ever find people to start moaning for me that is! But I’ll start calling for auditions once I’ve worked on TT a bit more.

      Yup, there are now no more emoticon options, or questions you can ask. This is fully replaced by the entire dating system. You will be prompted with questions during the date, so that takes care of questions, and the emoticon has been turned into a much more complicated way of touching the bachelor, which is the Affection Mode.

  7. So I really can get it on with Bill at the beach after all….

    I feel like a slut just reading this. In fact, I may end up just playing the kid’s version for that reason….. (I’m sure that won’t happen but I just wanted to express my shock and guilty delight in this idea).

    Roy no doubt approves of this very much.

    • If you feel like a slut reading this, I must be one heck of a closet pervert for creating it!

      I think I’m gonna let you be able to clear certain phases of the AM and stop at that point, so you can always decide whether or not to continue (but come on, who really wants to stop touching? D:).

      • Yeah really you’re only creating what most people must surely be thinking in one of these games.

        Just realised though, while I’m sure Roy will be the most enthusiastic participant of AM (arguably even more so than the actual player), what about the *cough* Fox? You’ll just restrict his interaction options to Reserved or something until he’s a human again and you’re married right?

        • You should treat the fox as a special bachelor, which he is, meaning certain things just cannot be done with him. This includes dating, the Affection Mode, and the game will end if you marry him.

          The only thing you can really do with him is talk, and give gifts.

  8. Slut points? Oh, Cel. That’s hilarious. xD I love the new Affection Mode idea though, it brings a lot more… simulated realism and it sounds fun for those of us who are going to play the more mature version. Good job.

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