Affection Mode mock-up

Should I mention the Tailor Tales blog is now officially NSFW?

An early mock-up of the Affection Mode screen. There will be a different portrait of the bachelor, as well as a drawn background instead of a regular map.

Here are the phases:

Reserved At blue heart level and up
Bachelor asks if you want to hang out more, and you’ll be transferred to his favourite spot in the game.

Friendly At green heart level and up
Bachelor asks if you want to hang out some more at your place, and you’ll be transferred to your home.

Sensitive At yellow heart level and up
Bachelor will ask if it’s okay to sit on your bed with you.

Hot At red heart level
You will be given the option to strip the bachelor’s clothes. It will show him from the waist-up with his shirt on.

If you fill the meter all the way up (when you are married), you can then choose whether or not to ‘make love’ (because I can’t exactly say ‘touch his penis’ here), and the scene fades out. Tada, you’ve just had sex! If you are not married, the bachelor will stop your fondling of him at the end, and will take his leave (presumably to fap later), and you’re awarded the points you’ve gathered during the Affection Mode.

If you do not have the required heart level for any of these phases, the mini-game will end and you will be awarded the points you’ve accumulated thus far (each phase comes with its own bonus points). You can also choose to stop at each phase, though some will result in a loss of points.

Actions that you can only perform during the sensitive phase and up will be remembered, and if you do these to another bachelor as well, the game will keep track of that. I have not yet thought of the consequences, but there will definitely be a drop in Relationship Points (not the Daily Relationship Points) with all of the bachelors involved.

I definitely have a lot of work to do.

27 thoughts on “Affection Mode mock-up

  1. I think Slutpoints is actualy pretty funny XD!!!I know you actualy dont mean it but in a joking way so its not a big deal at all!And DAMN!!!Bill looks good shirtless XDLOL!!!!

  2. As a fellow coder, I just want to point out that when Celi says “just giving a variable a name,” its just an internal code [label]. Its the same as calling a non-playable character “NPC” — it’ll never come up in game play as “Hi, NPC,” its just an internal way of organizing the code :)

    Btw, I found out about your game years ago, & jusrt restumbled across your blog!! I’m super stoked to see that this is still in full force :) You rock, Celi! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Oh wow, I… feel as if the best parts of Tokimemo and Harvest Moon have had a beautiful baby and this is it.

    I am going to love this game so much.

  4. Ha. Slutpoints just sounds so funny when I say it out loud. I swear, I’m going to try to work this into daily conversation with some of my friends.
    Friend R: *hugs me then hugs Friend C*
    Me: Congratulations! You won +5 Slutpoints R!
    Friend R: Uh…

  5. Hmm, this systems is a way to complicate the relationship building and I’m not sure I like the idea or not. I like the whole being able to be more “physical” with a guy. Yet, if you’re trying to just build up relationships in all four bachelors for friendships it seems that this can be a disadvantage. Say for example you hold hands walking down the beach, not a sexual act compared to kissing him on the beach. A simple hug can be non-sexual as well. This can be interpreted different ways.

    Yet, the real disadvantage is that there’s a time limit in the game. You only have three years to build up a relationship, the minigame gives a player more points to build their relationships and if the player uses it on more then one bachelor they’re punished for doing it. At the same it seems like the points from this mini game give you more points then just talking or gift giving. So it seems like to beat the clock in this game you’ll have to play the minigame.

    • I think you skipped over the section in which I said that actions that you can only perform during the sensitive phase will be regarded as ‘cheating’ on the other bachelors if you’re doing it with more than one person. It’s not a ‘disadvantage’ if you’re trying to court all 4 – it’s a discouragement that you cheat on the guys simply because you want to do it all in 1 playthrough.

      You’re safe to hold hands and hug people. Provided you are not doing this in the sensitive phase.

      And yes, the AM will be a big part of the gameplay, it’s basically replacing the old emoticon and questionnaire which would have been a big part of the gameplay as well. You should be able to raise their affection up all the way within 3 years without resorting to dates – it’s just that dating makes it a heck of a lot easier to score extra points.

  6. Just want to drop in to say that the more I’m hearing about this game, the more I’m looking forward to it!
    So, keep up the good work and keep us posted ;)

  7. I have to admit that after reading your previous post I wasn’t really excited about this system. I’ve seen similar systems like these before in games and I never really liked them. But seeing it like this… yay! It looks amazing. Actually looking forward to it now!

    Oohh, and….. I’ve been indecisive since the start on what bachelor to pick. Lately I thought I was gonna go for Roy, but the more Bill pictures you post, the more I actually start to like him. Think I’m going for Bill now. He’s cuter than I thought! (And that has nothing to do with him being topless and all… I swear.. ~’^.^~)

  8. ok good i like ur idea. i like the make love button, cuz i thought i was gunna have to drag the mouse to the “spot”. thats too weird, and im a little young for that.

  9. Aaaahhh, I’m actually really not digging the “slut points” idea. It’s kind of offensive; it perpetuates the idea that a woman who chooses to live a less monogamous lifestyle is wrong or bad in some way, which is definitely not true!
    I say leave it at “your relationship with bachelors will decrease if you’re screwing other guys”. Obviously her relationships would suffer if she’s toying with the bachelors hearts – in my opinion, there’s really no need for a punishment beyond that, especially slapping the player with the slut label.

    • You’re reading waaaaayyy too deep into this, Emmych. Please don’t try to force ideas onto this game just because I might offend women by using the the label ‘slutpoints’.

      It’s just my way of keeping track if you’re fooling around with other guys as well – and none of the bachelors will like this.

      • Well, if it’s just a way to keep track and you’re not TRYING to slut shame, then I honestly don’t understand why you need to use the word slut. xD Can’t you call them something else?

        Honestly, to me, “slutpoints” is no less cringeworthy than “fagpoints” or “niggerpoints” or something like that. If you don’t need to say slut, I don’t see why you couldn’t call them something else!

        But, hey, it’s your game.

        • Well, I was discussing this with my boyfriend at the time and the exchange sort of went like this:

          Me: Okay, I need to keep track of the player fooling around with other guys, since you’ll gain points if you do stuff to them.
          Boyfriend: Yup, can’t be whoring yourself around.
          Me: Well, that would be the wrong term because a whore does it for money – what’s the term again for a girl who sleeps with a lot of people without getting paid for it again?
          Boyfriend: A slut.
          Me: Right! Slutpoints! Haha, that’s kind of catchy.
          Boyfriend: Whorepoints sounds … nah, you’re right, slutpoints does sound catchy.
          Me: Now look at this video and replace ‘cupcakes’ with ‘slutpoints’ oh yeah I’m calling it slutpoints.

          And that’s basically how it went. Again, you were reading too deeply into this Emmych, no slut shaming going on here, just giving a variable a name and discouraging players from fooling around with multiple bachelors ;)

          • Regardless of your backstory/justification for the name, players aren’t going to know or appreciate that when they play it – they’re just going to see the phrase ‘slutpoints’. There’ll be plenty of Emmychs out there who take an instinctive dislike to the word, and I reckon the phrase cheapens the whole whimsical atmosphere the game has visually.

            It’s good form to always listen to the feedback from those more neutral, and not so heavily invested in your project, but like they say, it’s your game, and your creative baby. Not everyone will like all aspects of it but if they bring their criticisms up respectfully it reflects well on you if you treat them as validly as you do the positive comments. Peace! :)

            • For what it’s worth, I also instinctively disliked the label slutpoints because of it’s connotations but at the same time I thought it was catchy. Thinking about it more now though, it seems like it might not be such a good idea if it offends anyone who could have issues with it.

              Maybe a more politically correct middle ground would be to not have any pejoratives and if there are any consequences – like gossip – focus on themes like the negative effects of playing with other people’s feelings and messing with them etc. I don’t know.

              I suppose if you want to deter the player from going after all the guys and beating the game in one or two playthroughs or whatever, you could make it so if you gain a heart level with one bachelor you lose/restrict options with other bachelors (in AM). Perhaps that’s too controlling and complicated though.

            • There is no criticism of the game here though. There’s a label called slutpoints and someone disliked it because it’s offensive to women and ‘slutshaming’. I don’t see the criticism of it in here, Emmych only wants to be politically correct. I actually have issues with that, as she has issues with me using the term slutpoints.

              But you know what, why make such a huuuuuge deal out of this when you are never going to find the term in the game as well? It’s an invisible label. You’re never going to find it unless I’m comically referring to it.

              • Oh, sorry. You said you were “just giving a variable a name” but I wasn’t sure if it was included for the player (with some measure such as a meter labeled slutpoints for example) and presumably Harbringer didn’t realise that either.

                Up until now you never actually said whether the phrase was in the game or not and so I assumed it was – as I imagine Emmych and did.

                As an aside, that pony video offended me more than anything….. I don’t like ponies, especially ones that sing and eat cupcakes and attack me visually with repetitive movements that make me feel as if I’m a epileptic :(

  10. Will their be a result thing at the end of the game that tallies up your slut points? Could unlock something? just random questions :D

  11. I don’t know if I’ll be able to help being a slut. Thy are all so adorable, I just want to cuddle with them all. XDD Great as usual Celianna!

    • I actually kept that part in mind, if I were playing this, I would want to touch all the bachelor in the game just to see their reactions. This is why you’re allowed to act like a slut – however, there are certain actions that don’t count as slutpoints. These are friendly actions such as:

      – Poke
      – Pat
      – Smack
      – Hold

      Doing anything with your mouth results in slutpoints, or touch a body part that is only meant for the sensitive phase will also make you gain slutpoints. So you can still at least be ‘friendly’ with the bachelors.

  12. Haha I love the bachelor and background you chose for this mock-up ;) Thanks for sharing so much detail with us about how you’ve imagined it. The design layout is really clean (as usual), I like it.

    So will the location always change to the phase you’re in or will you be able to stay in his favorite place or even go to his house sometimes?

    For the slutpoints, maybe you could be punished by the townspeople not liking you anymore and refering to you as Whore instead of your name (like in Harvest Moon if you put a golden log on your field).

    • Well, somebody kept saying how they wanted to molest little ol’ Bill at the beach, so I decided to make the beach his favourite date spot.

      The locations will always change based on the phase you’re in. This keeps things less complicated, and will avoid situations where you’re having sex in the room of a bachelor that he is sharing with someone else …

      I think the townsfolk gossiping about you if a pretty neat idea. I’m gonna make life hell for those damn dirty sluts.

  13. whoa awesome!! O_O in the first playthrough im just gonna go for james, and in the second one im gonna be a slut. definitely. i want to play it now… ;_; btw, the mannequin on the right side looks like ken.

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