Been a bit busy

Waahh, I’ve been so busy with work these past two weeks that I haven’t gotten a chance to work on Tailor Tales at all!

The only thing I could do, was think how I’m going to make my Affection Mode system work. I’ve got a pretty good and general idea, but it’s a bit hard to figure out how I’m going to get it to work.

So far I’ve got these ideas in mind on how it’s going to work:

  • The initialization of the system. This happens when the Affection Mode first starts up. It will check to see which bachelor you’re currently dating, and then set a bunch of variables and switches. For example, it will check at what heart level you are to determine which phases you can complete. It will also check how many dates you’ve been on to unlock certain body parts. Then it will set predetermined variables for each bachelor … which brings me to:
  • The bachelor’s preferences. Now, this is going to be hard to do. Each bachelor has their own likes and dislikes, which is a given … but these will also change depending on which phase you are in. Not to mention the fact that there are 118 possible moves you can perform, these preferences will also be dynamic!
    Yeah, you heard that right. To give the system replay value, not only are there things you can unlock, but what the bachelor likes at that time, will be randomly picked out, out of the things he likes in general.
  • This brings me to the ’rounds’. Each time you can select something, this will be called a round. You will select the hand or mouth, then select a body part, and then select your action. This move will be stored and compared to what the bachelor likes during that round. The move can have 5 different grades:
    – Favourite (most points)
    – Really like (a lot of points)
    – Like (decent amount of points)
    – Dislike (subtract points)
    – Hate (lose a lot of points)
  • Anything that doesn’t fall in between that will be ‘neutral’, and give you a few points. Anyway, each round the bachelor will have his preferences randomized, based on his initial preferences. For example, Bill really likes up to about 38 moves, but only 12 of those will be randomly picked out each round. So while he initially liked that move, that doesn’t necessarily mean he likes it right now.
  • Each bachelor has a favourite move (this is static and doesn’t change), but attempting to do this straight away will result in a ‘dislike’ grade. You can only perform his favourite move if you have had 3 executive ‘really likes’ moves in a row. This is to prevent abuse of using his favourite move to gain points really fast once you figured out what he likes the most.
  • Again, to prevent abuse, you cannot do the same type of move twice in a row, as this will result in a ‘dislike’ grade.
  • If you managed to get a ‘dislike’ or ‘hate’ grade 4 times in total for that phase, the mini-game will end prematurely.
  • If you have enough points to go to the next phase, you can either accept or decline, so it’s possible to stop at each phase.
  • I will have to keep in account at how many body parts the player has unlocked, as well as how many moves they can do. This means an assload of work for me to do, since I’ll have to adjust the bachelor’s preferences based on this.
  • The bachelor can touch you too! Yay! After a really like or favourite move, the bachelor will do something to you too. It doesn’t do anything except for not making this seem so one-sided.
  • Voices. There will be voices, hopefully. Each grade comes with its own batch of voices (or should I say moans?) to let you know if you did well or did bad (this is the only way to tell which grade your move was). The bad thing is, I have to find 4 guys willing to to voice acting for this sort of mini-game.

And that’s it, for now. I have lots of things planned out, yet haven’t done a thing, and I know this is going to be a loooot of work. Well, actually, most of the stuff I described is pretty easy to do. It’s just that the bachelor’s preferences will have to be set by me, based on the phase, the heart level and the amount of dates you’ve been on – which is seriously a lot of work. Now multiple that by 4, yikes!

Either way, I will put the AM system on the side for now, and focus on finishing some NPC schedules when I have the time.

7 thoughts on “Been a bit busy

  1. I already love Tailor Tales and I’m a boy so I would be glad to do some voice acting for your project :)
    Preferably for James, because he’s so hot :D

  2. I love reading about how you’re going to event stuff. I’m learning how to event using RPG Maker VX right now and have for some time. This blog (besides keeping me updated on the progress of a certain interesting game) opens my mind to different possibilities using eventing. It’s almost like…

    You’re a teacher! Thanks.

  3. Have you thought about making a topic on the LemmaSoft forums? It’s possible you’ll get a few people offering there.

    I’d offer but I’m a girl too and I don’t know how well I could fake a guy’s voice let alone how well I could fake it AND MOAN TOO XD

    • Sure LSF has a recruitment forum, though I don’t think many would answer to a call for voice acting, especially for something like this.

      Faking a moan isn’t that hard, you know! We do it in every day speech almost. I tried to get my boyfriend to do a bit of voice acting while we were on the mic. I said: give me a disappointing moan.

      He did something so over the top it was hard to take seriously.

      I asked him to give me a thought provoking sigh instead. He did it over the top again (he can’t do anything seriously, I swear). At which point I berated him for his efforts, and then he gave me … a disappointing moan all on his own. In fact, he does a lot of voices naturally without giving it a second thought, I should record him while we’re talking XD

  4. I’m really tempted to offer my service as a voice actor (I have actually trained in acting btw) but I don’t know if I feel comfortable with it.

    Have you advertised or had any enquiries yet?

    • Well, I was going to advertise in the Voice Acting Allegiance, but it seems I can’t post my topic as Tailor Tales was judged to be above PG-13.

      I’ve found another forum for voice acting that allows hentai projects as well, though I wouldn’t say TT is a hentai game and I’ll try my luck there in the future. Right now I haven’t though.

      The voices would merely be sighs, grunts, moans etc. Basically a one-day job, if they’re comfortable with it.

      I’d do it myself if I were a guy! Unfortunately, my voice is girly and I can’t mimic the low voice of a guy. I don’t want to lower it artificially either since it ruins the quality.

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