Taking a little breather

Since I’ve been so busy, and I’ve been cracking my mind on how to make the Affection Mode system, I wanted to do a little something fun.

Chibi versions of the guys! Yay! I never make chibis. Ever. But it was fun for a while.

After finishing Roy, I realized he looked a bit like Jamie from Magical Melody.

8 thoughts on “Taking a little breather

  1. OMG I HEART TOMS IDEA!!Its so cute.Are you going to put like celebrate holidays?And maybe for like christmas you could make a santa outfit that would go in “Ocasional” clothing.And for halloween another ocasional clothing as a costume!That migth require alot work though and tons of spriting :/.It would bee kewl though and if the boys would dress up too.But like Tom I cant see James dressing up

  2. Really, really cute. I love their clothes and poses.

    Since Halloween is coming up, I wonder what they would go as? Roy would be a good vampire, Calvin a ghost maybe? Bill would possibly only join in if you were his girlfriend. James, “No way am I dressing up like an idiot!”

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