IDK, my BFF Bill

Okay, as I was organizing the dialogue system, deleting the old questionnaire and emoticon from existence, something just came to me when I looked at all the different dialogue a bachelor can have.

Best friends forever.

There you have it people, I have found a use for slutpoints. You only gain slutpoints during the Affection Mode, while in the sensitive phase or above (it doesn’t matter what action you perform anymore, it’s solemnly based on the phase now), and this will cause friction between bachelors.

Say Bill is in love with you (or at least at the 4th heart level), and you’ve touched him quite a bit. Then you go out on a date with James, and touch him quite a bit as well. Bill develops physic powers and confronts you about James. You can choose between two things:

– That’s how we say hi in my native country
– You’re only my BFF

Not in that exact wording of course, but you get the gist of it. Basically, you can ‘reject’ Bill to Best Friends Forever status. This means he has an unrequited love for you, and his dialogue will change depending on this (he’s smitten with you while you’re going for James, poor guy). Cue funny and sexual tension dialogue. Pretending you didn’t do a thing will literally not do a thing, except make it so that you cannot get into BFF mode anymore after this confrontation.

The best part of this – you can still marry him! Whoohoo! First let me explain the ‘status’ you can have with the bachelors before I tell you why you can still marry.

There are 5 different statuses in the game you can have with the bachelor, and these will affect his dialogue with you (excluding the heart level dialogue). These are:

  • Girlfriend (you are their girlfriend)
  • Married (you are married to them)
  • Marriage (you are married to someone else)
  • Rejected (you have rejected them when they confessed or proposed)
  • Best Friends Forever (you have made them your best friend)

The girlfriend status is pretty obvious, you are their girlfriend. This can only happen after you have witnessed the bachelor’s 5th heart event, in which he’ll confess his feelings. You can choose to accept or reject. You cannot break up on your own during this status, unless you reject his proposal which will turn this into a Rejected status.

You are married to the bachelor after he has proposed to you (or you to him). This is a permanent status and cannot be undone. Also needed to finish the game.

You are married to another bachelor. Whatever his affection was for you back then, he’ll have regular dialogue now that includes your husband. This is a permanent status and you cannot go on anymore dates with him.

You have rejected the bachelor when he confessed at the 5th heart event, or when he proposed to you (yes you can now break up with them). This is a permanent status and cannot be undone – you cannot become their girlfriend or wife afterwards, nor can you go on dates.

Best Friends Forever (BFF for short)
The bachelor has confronted you after gaining slutpoints, and you have made it clear you’re just friends. This is not a permanent status, you will still hear their confession at the 5th heart event and be able to accept – it’ll just be a different version. You can still go on dates, but you won’t be able to unlock Affection Mode after the date. As with all the other statuses, his dialogue will change to reflect this status.


While at BFF status, you can still marry Bill, since you haven’t officially rejected him as a lover. He mainly decided that on his own. You can still go on dates (oh the awkward dialogue!), but you cannot go into AM after the date ends, so that’s a downside. You can go into AM again after becoming their girlfriend if you accept his confession. His confession will be at the 5th heart event, but it will be different than normal, so basically like a secret heart event that you can unlock.

Remember when I said there are no rivals in the game, but the bachelors themselves are rivals to each other? Well, I guess this is where it comes into play! Bill and James are friends, and also rivals. Same goes for Calvin and Roy. You can drool all over Roy behind Bill’s back and he wouldn’t give a damn – only when it is with James can you unlock his BFF status. You can also only be BFF with one of the rivals, not with both of them at the same time (but BFF with Bill and Calvin is fine). The fox has no BFF status.

Phew, got that outta my system! Things are really shaping up, I’m glad I got rid of the questionnaire and old emoticon in favour of this.

So, who wants to be BFF with a guy and tease the hell out of him? I do!

On a sidenote: this is not available in the censored version of the game. This is because you can only get slutpoints at the sensitive phase or up, which is something you cannot reach in the censored version. So no BFF for you :(

12 thoughts on “IDK, my BFF Bill

  1. I FRIKKIN’ LOVE!!! I was just reading a 600-page novel about a girl who is totally leaving her unrequited love in the BFF zone )’:
    …But, I’m all for it. In videogames ;D. I wonder if this is a first, huh? A dating game with a “best friends” option…I think it is!
    A party is in order for you Celianna ;D. Way to go!

  2. I wonder if this is going to be as brutal at points as the best friend system is in Tokimemo…

    I.. I want to try it, but I have a feeling I’d feel horrible XDDD

    • I haven’t tried Tokimemo, but if they have a best friend system as well, I’d totally do it. Though I do feel bad for hurting their feelings as well, I get too attached to the guy I’m going after to intentionally hurt him :(

      But there’s something about knowing that they have a crush on you, and you being able to get away with asking the most ridiculous questions and embarrassing the hell out of them – just because they have to keep their feelings a secret.

      Mwuahaha, I can only foresee funny and adorable situations.

      • That’s true! Yeah, in Tokimemo at least you can ask all kinds of stuff, like “What kind of girl do you like?” and stuff about kissing and what they think about love and.. *evil laugh*.. well, I laugh at first and then I feel bad because I’m a huge sap.

        • Ahaha, that’s cruel, but fun! I hope you can still end up with him afterwards, otherwise it’s just plain evil :(

          I can only imagine the player asking Bill if he’s in love with someone right now, and then realize there’s actually not that many girls his age in town – which only leaves you.

  3. So can u get slutpoint with James if your getting it on with Calvin?Or is it just do it with any guy slutpioints?Or is it just for rivals?

    • The game keeps track of all the moves you perform during the sensitive phase and up on each bachelor, I call these slutpoints collectively.

      You can have slutpoints with both James and Calvin and nothing will happen, since they are not rivals.

      Bill and James are rivals
      Calvin and Roy are rivals

      Raise up slutpoints between the rivals and you’ll trigger a BFF event.

  4. So will there be a “let me sleep on it” time period? I mean if the guy confesses and you as the player don’t want to get back to him right away, but don’t want to say no?

    • Nope, at the time of their confession (during the 5th heart event), it is either accept or reject.

      The BFF comes before the 5th heart event, and you have not rejected him at this point.

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