The actual dating

I’ve been focusing a lot on the AM system, but I also gotta brainstorm about the dating.

Someone mentioned before it would be nice if you could take out the bachelor to the diner for your date. I agreed, and was planning on adding this in, but didn’t know how to execute it.

So now I’ve been really thinking about it, and this is how it’s going to end up as:

– You will be asked to go on a date by the bachelor (you cannot initiate it yourself)
– The bachelor will then follow you around like a puppy for 2 hours
– There will be a mood bar which will show the bachelor’s mood during the date
– During this time you can randomly chat with him, and his dialogue changes based on location/heart level. This will improve his mood
– More importantly, there will be icons scattered across the maps depicting a certain activity. You can walk up to these, while on a date, to select them and execute that activity
– Each activity does different things, and spans over several minutes to an hour
– After 2 hours, if his mood at maxed out, he’ll ask to hang out some more and Affection Mode will be executed

Basically once you’re on a date, you’ll find some icons around the maps which means you can do a certain activity with the bachelor. You might see a swimming icon at the beach to go swimming with him. You can also go to his home and see several activities as well (Calvin and Roy’s house for example will show a videogame icon to play games with whoever you’re dating). Some of these activities will be unlocked straight away, and some require you to have gone on several dates already or be at a certain heart level. You might also need specific clothing for something (bikini to go swimming for example), or a specific item (a fishing pole to go fishing).

During these activities you are allowed to ask the bachelor a couple of questions, which will be randomly generated based on the activity as well as heart level (and status). This will replace the old questionnaire.

And as you know, if the date has been successful, then you’ll go into Affection Mode.

I’m open for any ideas for activities! So far I’ve come up with this:

In General:

  • Fish at Wyde Forest
  • Watch the sunset at the beach
  • Make a sandcastle at the beach
  • Take a nap at District 4 on the hill
  • Eat sweets at the Bakery
  • Eat dinner at the Diner
  • Carve a heart in a tree in Wyde Forest
  • Admire the moonstone in the cave
  • Play tag
  • Stargaze during the night

At the bachelor’s house:

  • Cook a meal
  • Watch TV
  • Sleep over (this will disable AM afterwards)
  • Play games
  • Take a shower (don’t ask)
  • Have a pillow fight

Bachelor specific:

  • Make pottery, or play in the cotton field with Bill
  • Read books, or take pictures with Calvin
  • Play videogames, or chess with Roy
  • Help James out with his work, or whittle wood

Season specific:

  • Have a snowball fight in winter
  • Make a snowman in winter
  • Collect fallen leaves in fall
  • Swim in the ocean at the beach in summer
  • Have a picnic in Wyde Forest in spring

At the player’s house:

  • Show the bachelor some of your tailoring
  • Let the bachelor sleep over
  • Cook a meal (if kitchen available)
  • Watch TV

And well, those are the ones I’ve come up with. It speaks for itself that you can only read books with Calvin, and make pottery with Bill etc. Either way, I’m still open for suggestions!

19 thoughts on “The actual dating

  1. Hmm, well heres a list of things they could do in different places:

    Cover the bachelor in sand at the beach- like make him have a mermaids body
    Throw stones into the ocean at the beach-
    Stargaze at night- although i dont know how much of an activity this would be
    Tell ghost stories around the fire in the bachelors house-
    Walk the fox in wyde forest- He can make remarks about how he doesn’t know what he did to deserve this
    Make up fortunes for each other at the bachelors house-

    I have a question about the picnic activity, will you prepare all the food yourself like going to the general store the butcher the diner wherever to get different food? and will there be bonuses on where you got the food? Like if you caught some fish yourself? And will there be a limit to how much food you can bring?

    Also will there be holiday like events in the game?

    Like Valentines day where you make the bachelor something and he tells you how much he likes it and if not hes dissapointed because he made you something?

    Or Halloween where everyone is about the town dressed up in spooky costumes you could have a cutscene about joselina trying to figure out which bachelor is which and you could make a special halloween dress?

    • I think I wasn’t clear enough with what I meant with activity. You won’t be doing the actual activity yourself, it’ll be an automatic cutscene that will give you a few questions to ask as you ‘do’ the activity.

      I think there might be an exception in case I want to add an actual mini-game, but so far all of them will be automatic and controlled by the game itself.

      As for the picnic, if you’ve got at least 1 dish item in your inventory you’ll unlock the picnic activity. I like your idea of stargazing, I’ll definitely add that in there.

      There will be holidays in the game, dubbed ‘festivals’, which happens twice a month. One of them is indeed Halloween and you can make a costume and walk around with the bachelor that invited you for Halloween. Though you know who everyone is.

      It’s actually the last festival of the year, the yearly ball, that you have to figure out who is who because everyone is dressed the same and wearing masks.

    • “Cover the bachelor in sand at the beach- like make him have a mermaids body”

      Haha that’s really funny. I actually had that done to me once. The hole was deep enough that I culdn’t move at all or get out without help. I like your other ideas too ;)

  2. I only thought pottery was perverted. Whittling wood takes the cake for perverted references in this game though! Hahaha!

  3. That’s great. So are you going to be able to go on a date with your boyfriend and occasionally invite their friend (to the diner for instance) too?

    Also before I read the list the only idea I could think of was creative writing with Calvin. To give the other guys alternative activities; collecting cotton with Bill? Wool with Roy? Can’t think of one for James pertaining to his work or otherwise. Something to do with his buddy, Buck?

    • It’d be too much work to allow double dates or something – I’d reserve that for events, and not actual gameplay. Who knows, maybe in the next Tailor Tales!

      And yes, you can do bachelor specific stuff. I haven’t yet updated the list, but here’s what you can do:

      Bill: you can make pottery with him, or play in his cotton field
      Calvin: you can read books with him, or take pictures
      Roy: you can play videogames with him, or chess
      James: you can help him out with work, or whittle wood with him

  4. ooooh when u play video games with ur bachlor, could a screen pop up where u could actually play the game and theres another player (aka the guy your dating) as an AI??? And they each have a different skill level and theyre skill level grows the more u play video games with them?!?!?! THAT WOULD BE FUN!

    • oooh wait and theres like 5 different games and the bachlor can ask u which one u want to play?!? (or itz random) PLZ THAT WOULD BE AmAzING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i like video games)

  5. They’re all really good ideas! rivvy’s hide-and-seek sounds awesome, too! Maybe if they play it in the rain, and they get all muddy, she can take a shower at the guy’s place ;D. Dialogue would be funny XD. I can just imagine it being Bill…
    Joselina: “…Bill, do you have any soap?”
    Bill: “The…s-s-soap!?”
    Joselina: “Oh…wait, I found it” ^.^
    Bill: O_O “WAIT, don’t touch that one, I’ll get you a new one, or…no. There’s, um, one in the cupboard.”
    …I’m sorry, it’s just I always imagined Bill being a soap-sensitive kind of guy. …Jod, I’m strange.

    Off-topic time.
    I’m actually a little curious about the cave. Are there any cutscenes in there? And also, does James ever reveal a sad backstory (like Marlin from Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life)? Or I should say do you want any of them to have a backstory, or just leave it to the imagination? Sorry for throwing all this random crap in, but I’ve been wondering for awhile…

    • Hmm, playing in the rain seems like a good idea.

      Each of the guys have a backstory, it mainly has to do with how they ended up living in Claner. It’ll be slowly revealed over the course of the heart events, with the real backstory explained in either the 4th or 5th heart event.

      They’re all pretty sad, but whose life doesn’t have some sad moments?

      • Awesome, that’s just what I hoped for ^_^ It’s the sad moments that make life worth living anyway. The unicorns and sugar and rainbows get old, right ;)
        Thanks for the update!

  6. Hmmm, instead of letting them help you out with tailoring, how about having it be that you’re teaching them about tailoring? You wouldn’t really produce anything usable with that, unless they knew something about it already. That could be kind of interesting, especially if they react and comment on it.

    “Oh… so that’s how how you do it.. I always wondered how you got your stitching so neat.” “I didn’t think buttons were so easy to put on!” and… etc.

    Are the activities going to be the same regardless of time or weather? The sunset and sleepover ones seem to indicate it is… (Oh god, I hope I didn’t just make things more complicated)

    But I just wondered because otherwise you could have stuff like playing in the rain, catching fireflies at night, maybe playing hide and seek or tag if you want to be silly, ummmm. Having a race in the middle of town (although that might be hard to program). They could show you a few things about THEIR job.. like Bill demonstrating a few techniques he uses to sell things, or telling you about how he keeps up his inventory or whatever. James could either show you how he gets the wood or how he prepares it in his shop.

    • Oh, yeah some activities depend on the time of day, as well as the weather. Can’t exactly have a picnic when it’s raining.

      You can only sleep over after it is 20:00, so you’ll have to time your dates accordingly if you want to be able to sleep over. The bachelor can ask you out on any day he’s free, when it’s not storming or a festival, between 10:00 and 20:00, so you’ll have to be a bit strategic.

      About the tailoring thing, that’s basically what’s going to happen. The player will show a few things to the bachelor, or get him to try out a few things – but not actual labour or anything.

      I do love the idea of hide and seek!

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