What do you want to ask the bachelors?

The questionnaire was a system in which you could select a question you want to ask the bachelor, and he would simply reply to it. This is now being replaced by going on a date, and then having a few options you can ask him during that date. This depends on the activity of the date as well as the heart level.

Now, since you as the player are asking these questions to them, I turn to you and ask: what do you want to ask the bachelors?

I mean, sure you can add mundane things such as your favourite colour, or your favourite food – or even hobbies. But they don’t really stir up any romantic vibes, nor do they impact the relationship between you and the bachelor. So think of questions that get deep down and personal, and think of the setting as well.

For example, you could ask pretty intimate questions if you are at his house, but that doesn’t really work well when you’re having dinner at the Diner with other people.

Either way, I am totally open for suggestions on what you want to ask the bachelor during dates. These can be questions, or simply telling him something yourself. Maybe I’ll even add actions in there, who knows.

Edit: actually now that I wrote that, I came up with an ingenious idea: during the date you are presented with 3 choices. One of them asks a question, one of them makes you say something, and the other one will make you do something. Awesome, this makes it a nice mix of the questionnaire as well as the emoticon.

14 thoughts on “What do you want to ask the bachelors?

  1. “If we were to end up being married would it be okay for you?”
    “If I was to move far away from here what would you say to me before I go?”
    “What do you like about my personality and what do you want me to improve with?”
    “What is your favorite season?”
    “What do you like about summer?” ( Just my imagination but if they were in red heart or yellow I think they will say ‘because I can see you in a bathing suite Pervert LoL)
    “Do you have previous relationships?”
    “Does your mother,sister,brother,father visit you here? ( they wont but just asking)
    “Has your love life made a scar on your heart?”
    “Do you like Kids?”
    “Why did you come to this town at the first place?”
    “I D K BUT LIKE one more question

    ** **** **** ***?

  2. “What is the best bribe I can offer Celi for her to put in things like feeding chocolate to one of you guys?”

    Okay, unleash the flood!

    Questions –

    “Is there anything you want me to ask you about?” (or “Is there anything you want to tell me about?” particularly evil for best friend lol!)
    “What is your favorite season and why?”
    “Why did you decide to go with (insert profession here)?”
    “Is there anyone in your family you feel particularly close to?”
    “What does your ideal girl look like?”
    “If I were a flower, what kind would I be?” (You could change that to song/food/whatever)
    “Is there anything in particular you’d like me to make (or do) for you? (Probably one for when you start going out or are best friends)
    “What were you like as a kid?”
    “Would you like a jelly baby?” (Sorry, random Doctor Who fangirlness. Ignore this one.)
    *Winter* “Have you ever tried to catch snow on your tongue?”
    “Have you ever licked a lamp post in winter?” (LOL that was the Dragon Age fangirl.)
    “If you knew you were never going to see me again after today, what would you tell me?”
    “Do you like your name?”
    “What is your favorite part of this town?”
    “What is one hobby of yours that I would never guess you have?”

  3. Um, I’d like to ask them about the other bachelors life. For example, If I want to marry Roy, I’d like to be able to ask him about Calvin’s past, etc.
    Also you could give a proposition to jump into a pile of leaves in autumn, go sunbathing/swimming in summer while not on a date or something.
    Aaaaand some questions:
    “What is your idea of a perfect relationship?”
    “Would you like to get married someday?”
    “If you knew you’re going to die and could do one thing, what would it be?”
    Um, I’m not sure if I can say that, but I thought that maybe if the bachelor was the main character’s boyfriend he could say “To marry you” or something and then he could ask his girlfriend to marry him. Um, uh, I don’t want to have you to do something, I just wanted to tell you what I thought of :>

  4. Well, I have a few typical questions that haven’t been mentioned yet:
    “What do you look for in a girl?”
    “Is there anything in your life that you regret doing?”
    “What do you fear most?”
    “How do you feel about life in Claner?”
    For Roy/Calvin: “How did you meet Calvin/Roy?” Or you can do the same for James and Bill.
    And maybe if they’ve just become bf and gf: “Are there any girls I should be worried about?”

    And that’s all I could think of~ hopefully they aren’t TOO generic :P

  5. I think it would be nice to ask them stuff that has happened before. Like you’ve seen someone steal Bill’s cotton and you can tell him/ask him about it etc.

  6. “Did you have any dreams last night?”
    “If you could visit a novel, which one?” (Maybe that’s exclusive for Calvin, could be a film for the others?)
    “What’s the earliest memory you have?”
    “Do you believe in life after death?”
    “Have you ever had a near death experience?”
    “What’s the most embarassing moment you can recall?”

    On the beach;
    “That shell is beautiful. It reminds me of when I was five and I stuck one up my nose. Haha, I couldn’t breathe or get it out without help.” (That actually happened to me)
    “This shell is so beautiful. It reminds me of why I became a tailor. I like seeing how happy people are when they recieve my work. Although I can only imitate beauty like this.”
    (Action!) “Here. I found this beautiful shell and I want you to keep it.”

    I’ve got no time to think of more but it was fun coming up with those. I’ll come back if you still want to hear more later.

      • I love a lot of your suggestions, minus the ones for the player to say (these give too much personality).

        I should definitely add snow angels to the list. So many things you can do in the winter! Not much for spring/summer/fall though.

        • Well… okay! *puts thinking cap on*

          Spring: Flower viewing, Nature Walks, Lay out in the sun a while in a nice grassy area, Feed/play with wild animals (squirrels/birds/etc), Catching butterflies/other bugs, Sketching landscapes (both could, or one could draw and the other could watch. Or one could draw the other while they’re just hanging out, whether the one being drawn is aware of it or not), Having an umbrella fight when it rains (using the umbrellas as swords lol), Making grass whistles, Making flower decorations (for your hair, for your tailoring, for decoration for houses, w/e), Making daisy chains (lol),

          Summer: Collect shells, Go swimming, Play sports (volleyball, marco polo, or just splashing each other with water), Go fishing, Bury each other in the sand, Build a sand castle, Laying in the sun (like spring), Making grass whistles (like spring), Making jewelry/decorations out of shells,

          Fall: Collecting leaves, Picking nuts/berries, Feed/play with wild animals (like spring), Jumping in leaf piles, Having leaf fights by throwing leaves at each other, Hunting for bugs under all the fallen leaves, Building a small campfire and roasting potatoes or marshmallows or hot dogs… lol, Making harvest wreathes

          I think that’s enough for now? I hope it helped at least a bit!

  7. What about asking about their past relationships?
    “Who’s your first love?”
    “Who’s your ex?”

    Or maybe things like
    “What do you think of me?”

  8. “Do you think you could stay and live in this town for the rest of your life?”
    “Have you ever had your heart broken?”
    “If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would do or buy?”
    “Are you doing the same job you wanted to do when you were little?”
    “If you had one day in your life to live over, which would you choose and why?”

    Hmm…I’ll think of more… >>

  9. How about asking the bachelors about their family and if they have a good relationship with them… or something. Yay background XD

    I really like the idea of the three choices. Keep up the good work~ I’m really excited to play Tailor Tales when you finally finish it!

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