More dating

So I made the mood bar for the dating, as well as added all the framework for it. Activities aren’t added yet though. The mood bar works so far, so that’s a good thing. I’m happy everything is working 100% in that screenshot.

I’ve decided that this is how dating is going to work:

  • Bachelor asks you out on a date, you agree, and you start at a neutral mood
  • You can walk around and talk to him at any time to boost his mood, ignore him and his mood turns worse
  • You can walk up to an activity icon to participate in an activity with him
  • The bachelor has his own preferences, and can like the activity, be neutral about it – or hate it
  • The game then gives you three options: ask something, say something or do something
  • Depending on the activity, as well as the choice you selected, you’ll either gain mood points or lose them
  • After 2 hours the date ends (you can do multiple activities if you have enough time), and if you have the mood bar up to a smiling face, the date is successful and you will be asked to extend the date

You can only go on dates if the bachelor is at or above blue heart level, and if you’re not married/a girlfriend to someone else. You also can’t date them if you’ve rejected them.

The dialogue is split up into two: one for walking around, and one for the activity. These two kinds of dialogue are further split depending on the status of the bachelor:

– Green heart level and below dialogue
– Yellow heart level and up dialogue
– Best friend dialogue
– Girlfriend dialogue
– Married dialogue

I didn’t make it so that it changes the dialogue per heart level, because I already think this is a lot to write out @_@ so it only changes when he’s got a crush on you (yellow heart level).

Now it’s starting to look like a real dating game! And unlike other dating games, it doesn’t stop when you ‘confess’ your love (god I hate that). With the fox being an exception of course.

3 thoughts on “More dating

  1. I love the dating system so much and think to myself “Oh man! It’s going to be so cool to mess with this!”. Then I realize that I want to date the fox first I I make this face: -_-

    I’ll have to date one of the other bachelors first to play with this system.

  2. “I hope I don’t get a sunburn…”
    a) “Well, let’s make sure you don’t. Undress and let me run this suncream all over you…”
    b) “Want to go back to my place then?”
    c) Innocently strip and run into the sea, playfully calling after him about how much cooler it is in the water.

    He has his cuddle-me-face on. Lovely ;)

    I’m glad you’re controling the volume of writing a bit. Every time I read a new post I think how insane, and totally awesome, your ambition is and the skills you have to pull it off.

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