Time limit lifted, but dialogue cut

Two years ago, when I first started Tailor Tales, I was pretty new at RPG Maker VX, the program which I’m making it with. I could make a time system and everything, and had some idea on how to make them like you more – but I was inexperienced and decided to give myself a 3 year time limit in-game. This was also done to give the player an actual ending.

Right now, I’m much more experienced with VX, and I can make almost anything in it. And if I can’t, well, there’s no one who won’t script it for me! The way Tailor Tales is made right now, means you have the possibility to go beyond your 3rd year and keep on playing forever. I guess that’s what I get for making everything work so well XD

So I’m lifting the 3 year time limit, but I am not lifting the game’s ending. You can play for how many years you want – but the game will end once you turn the fox back into a human. That’s the goal of the game, and it’s staying there.

In other news, I have decided to cut down the bachelor’s dialogue. After seeing how much I need to write when I included several new pieces of dialogue (date dialogue, girlfriend dialogue, best friend dialogue, rejected dialogue etc.), I realized it’s just not feasible anymore.

So instead of their dialogue changing every season as well, it will now only change per heart level, as well as your status with them. This is still a lot of dialogue though, you just won’t get any new dialogue per season. Some of the dialogue will change to reflect the current season (if they’re specifically mentioning it), but overall will stay the same.

Here are the different kinds of dialogue during regular gameplay for each bachelor (excluding the fox):
– 1st heart level
– 2nd heart level
– 3rd heart level
– 4th heart level
– 5th heart level
– Best Friends Forever
– Girlfriend
– Married (married to them)
– Marriage (married to someone else)
– Rejected

As usual, the dialogue changes per location, as well as per day – just not per season anymore.

It’s still a lot to write though! Especially considering there’s the dating dialogue to keep into account as well. Hmm, maybe I need to cut down some more …

7 thoughts on “Time limit lifted, but dialogue cut

  1. “Some of the dialogue will change to reflect the current season (if they’re specifically mentioning it), but overall will stay the same.” Really, if this is the case then there is no need for season-specific dialogue, especially since some of the date activities are season specific as well.

    Do whatever you think is best, I’m sure I’ll like the results in the end. :D

    If you’re gonna cut something else, I’d consider the location specific stuff. Just because really, they can talk about any of the locations even if they’re not in that particular location at the time.

    • Well, if I’d cut away the location, that would mean they’d have maybe two sentences for the entire day. Multiple that by 7, and you’ve got his entire 1st heart level dialogue … that would not be enough haha.

  2. at first i was like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DONT CUT THE DIALOG!!!!” but then i say that it still changed every day. but i still wish u kept the seasons dialog :(

  3. We have more than 3 years now! Although, truth be told, most things can probably be done in the three year limit right? It’s still exciting.

    • If I do my calculations correctly, you would be able to finish the game within 3 years indeed. You can’t finish it within two years though, there’s a special event that happens once every year that you need to see twice before completing the game.

  4. What happens if the play decideds on dating the fox exactly though? Will the game end right away like you said? or can the player spend just a few days with the human fox and then the game end?

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