Brunette power!

I was in a drawing mood, so here yah go (I should have used this time instead to finish other portraits, but oh well):

It’s messy, but I just felt like drawing a sort of hybrid of Disney and anime. I find Joselina to be very pretty.

I wouldn’t have minded if the art style of TT looked like this, it’s just that, finishing a portrait in the style that I have now takes about 2 hours (from sketch to end product). That drawing up there took me 4. There’s a reason why there’s mostly flat colours in the art style! Less to draw or colour = faster portrait making.

5 thoughts on “Brunette power!

  1. So this more true-to-life then? I mean, she looks 15 in-game and 22 here. Big difference! Not that I mind; it’s much easier to picture THIS Joselina doing “woohoo” with a bachelor than the one in the game. But, I digress. Whatever works for Tailor Tales ;).
    Either way, she’s adorable xD.

  2. I love the eyes! I actually wish your official Tailor Tales portraits had similar eyes, because without a shine, they seem as though they’re missing something.

    • I thought the same thing, actually! They’re beautiful. :)

      Also, something about the posture and the way she’s looking at us… Joselina reminds me so much of Belle in that picture. <3

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