Alright, I’ve decided on all activities! There were some good suggestions, but I had to cut it down by a lot. There’s 30 in total, with 24 available for each bachelor, since they each have two special activities. There’s also two special activities for each season. Here’s a list of them:

Black = unlocked at the beginning
Blue = unlocked during a certain time of the day
Red = unlocked after a certain heart level
Green = unlocked on certain days

1. Fishing
2. Watch sunset
3. Eat dinner (Diner)
4. Eat sweets (Bakery)
5. Take a walk
6. Stargazing
7. Moonstone
8. Love hill
9. Carve love heart
10. Cooking
11. Sleep over
12. Pillow fight
13. Shopping (Market only)
14. Tailoring
15. Make pottery (Bill)
16. Play in cotton field (Bill)
17. Read books (Calvin)
18. Take pictures (Calvin)
19. Play videogames (Roy)
20. Steal cotton (Roy)
21. Whittle wood (James)
22. Clean up (James)
23. Picnic (Spring)
24. Make sandcastle (Spring)
25. Swimming (Summer)
26. Bury in sand (Summer)
27. Play in the leaves (Fall)
28. Campfire (Fall)
29. Snowball fight (Winter)
30. Make a snowman (Winter)

I also want to bring up a point, I’ve actually come up with a lot of questions you can ask the bachelor, some mundane, some pretty embarrassing stuff – but I realize asking these sorts of questions just wouldn’t fit well with certain activities. Imagine having a snowball fight, and then suddenly asking the bachelor if he’s ever been in a relationship before. It just doesn’t mesh well, so I’m looking for a date activity in which you can only ask these sorts of questions. You can still get the combo of a question, saying something, or doing something during the other activities, but the real meaningful questions will be reserved for something else. I might even make these questions chronological (so mundane stuff first, romantic stuff later).

So what activity should I choose in which you can ask these sorts of questions? It can only be an activity that is unlocked straight away (so those in black). I’m thinking something intimate, like maybe when you go stargazing, but you can only get that at night … so maybe the Dinner, seems pretty stereotypical of a date, but it’s not very intimate when other people are dining around you … Oooh, I’ve got it! Love hill! No wait, never mind, Bill goes there sometimes so that’s not private either.

Grr, I can’t decide. I can’t do it at the bachelor’s house either because Bill is the only one that lives alone, and that’s unbalanced.

I’ve even started writing out the conversations, so let me spoil you a little with Bill’s and James’s response to the question:  Do you have any hobbies?
MC stands for Main Character.

Bill’s conversation
Bill: “Pottery of course! I’ve been doing it ever since my uncle introduced me to it when I was a little boy.”
MC: “Do you have any other hobbies other than pottery?”
Bill: “Hmm, well, I like to sleep in – does that count?”
MC: “Not really.”
Bill: “Haha, I guess you’re right. Uhm, aside from pottery what do I like … oh, I like to cook.”
MC: “So you cook your own meals?”
Bill: “… Is there anyone else living with me who would cook my meals?”
MC: “No …”
Bill: “Haha, I sort of had to after living alone. I like coming up with new recipes, and I sometimes even get James to try out my new stuff. But he’s not really picky and he’ll eat anything, so I’ll never know if it was good or not.”
MC: “I’d like to try out your cooking sometime.”
Bill: “Y-you would? Then, look forward to it!”

James’s conversation
James: “Hobbies … hmm.”
MC: “You don’t have any?”
James: “If you’re asking me if there are things that I like doing, then I would say yes, there’s a lot of things I like doing. But if you’re asking me if I really like doing something – repeatedly, then I don’t know.”
MC: “Maybe your work is your hobby?”
James: “That would make me look like a sad individual with no life if that were true.”
MC: “Alright, then, what do you simply like doing?”
James: “I like to keep busy.”
MC: “That’s not really an answer.”
James: “You’re so persistent. Fine, then how about this one – I like to pester you. That could be considered as a hobby, right?”
MC: “…”

Writing out James’s responses is so much fun ’cause he’s such a blunt jerk haha.

11 thoughts on “Activities!

  1. How about for a specific thing you do

    choose to

    get serious if you want I mean get relationship serious I think you know what I mean
    have fun means just have fun. By I mean asking questions with little sense

  2. Fishing also seems like a good time for these intimate questions, unless there is someone that goes to this fishing spot. And it’s already been said, but the moonstone is also a great spot for this. At least, I think that place is pretty romantic.

  3. Duly spoilt. I like how you’ve ordered everything including the questions. It all seems so much more doable now.

    So, if you are asking about what activities are appropriate candidates for intimate questions from the list, using your reasoning I guess only moonstone (which I’m particularly attracted to since it’s so mysterious), carve love heart (this means etching a little heart on a tree? Making one?) or tailoring fits the bill.

  4. I think something like taking a walk together, or having a meal together, be it at the diner or a picnic or something would all be good places to ask a lot of questions. Especially during walks, because since you’re not eating, you can focus on talking. XD Questions like that would seem pretty natural in those environments, I’d think.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Walking together kind of leads to talking together, and you can cover lots of topics there.

      Plus dinners together can be intimate even if you’re in a restaurant.

      The sleep overs would be good opportunities for intimate conversation too, since I assume that if you sleep over at their house and they have a roommate, the roommate will be polite enough to give you space.

      • Thanks for both of your suggestions! I guess the Diner and a picnic really are the most suitable for those kind of questions, huh?

        I’d love to have you ask questions like these when walking as well, except you can only take a walk in fall together, so that’s out of the question. Then again, I could totally replace one of the activities I have already with simply a walk in the forest (I could remove Play Tag for example). Then I’ll have to think up of some other activity in fall … uhhhh. Oh, you mentioned having a campfire once, didn’t you? Ok, I’ll have that in fall!

        So no more playing tag, but a walk in the forest, and in fall you can have a campfire ^_^

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