Date questions

Alright, thanks for your help on the last post guys, I have now decided to let you ask questions – in a chronological order as well as based on your status with them – during these activities:

– Walk in forest
– Eat dinner
– Picnic

Doing any of these is basically the same thing, though some bachelors will have a preference over the other, and then you’re able to ask 1 question, or say nothing at all. If you say nothing, you can get some interesting dialogue from the bachelor himself. If you ask a question, then this will start a series of questions that you can ask once per date, until you reach the end, and it will then recycle itself. There are 5 different branches of questions, and these are:

– Heart level 2-3
– Heart level 4-5
– Best Friend status
– Girlfriend status
– Married status

Just a reminder: you cannot go on dates during the 1st heart level, hence why no such questions exist. Some may have more questions than the other. Best friend questions are only unlocked if you become their best friend obviously. If you haven’t unlocked all questions before advancing to the next branch of questions then you’re out of luck, as there’s no going back. So think carefully!

Luckily, doing an activity does not necessarily mean the date is over, it will just make time pass for a certain amount (perhaps an hour or so) – so that means you might be able to ask the bachelor two questions per date if you play it smart.

So far I’ve come up with all the questions for all heart levels, as well as the best friend status – thanks for all of your suggestions as well! And just to spoil you all once again, here are the questions you can ask during BFF status:

1. Is there anyone you like at the moment?
2. What can I do to make a guy happy?
3. Where do guys like to be touched?
4. Am I attractive?
5. What kind of hints should I give to the guy I like?
6. Do you ever get the desire to hold someone?
7. What do you think about cheating?
8. Are you a virgin?
9. How do you deal with unrequited love?
10. Do you think best friends can fall in love with each other?

Joselina and Abigail are such trolls, honestly. Oh right, the censored version won’t have these questions because it’s not possible to become BFF in the censored version.

8 thoughts on “Date questions

  1. Uhh… I feel really sorry for the dude in the BFF zone who gets asked those questions…. I mean cause didn’t he used to like love the MC or something to become a BFF? Maybe you should add some normal ones too, like, “How was your day?” or, “How are you?”

    • Why yes, the entire point is to tease them relentlessly. I didn’t add it to be *real* BFFs, if that were true, he wouldn’t be secretly in love with you.

    • Ah, ToTT, oh yes I definitely know about that game (I followed its release like everyone else!), and I thought the dates you could go on was pretty cute. But they’re anything but romantic, it’s an automatic event that mostly makes your date give you helpful game hints, or talk about the weather or their work or something. Extremely boring.

      On my dates you can ask, say – and most importantly: touch! ;)

  2. LOL @ the BFF questions!
    I would love to see the BFF’s reaction, I bet they’re pretty funny.
    Except I’ll be playing the censored version. So I’ll just wait for somebody to LP it or something.

    • They’re funny, but also heart breaking at the same time. Especially the last question that dabbles in dangerous waters.

      But hmm, maybe I’ll post a transcript of all the bachelor’s dialogue to these questions so that you can still read about it. I’m already writing them down, so that would be no biggie. Obviously it would be riddled with spoilers.

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