Affection Mode mock-up 2

(this is animated)

I reworked the Affection Mode mock-up and made it more intuitive (this is not actually in the game yet). I got rid of the box showing a body diagram to select body parts, and instead now you will simply go over sections of the portrait to select which part you want to touch. This frees up some space and looks a lot nicer, and you get the feeling you’re actually touching him.

First you select either the hand or mouth, and then you can select what action you want to perform. After that, you can select a body part. Of course, provided any of these are unlocked. I’ve removed a few body parts such as the nose, shoulders and the legs, since these are basically superficial.

I have not yet decided whether or not to add in a CG background, or to simply show the map you are in. Probably the latter since it requires less work.

The sad thing to note is, the AM is not accessible anymore in the censored version. This is because as I’m trying to set up the system, I have to go out of my way to disable certain features just for the censored version. In fact, it’s screwing me over, so I decided no AM for the censored version. Sorry kids.

The good thing, while I haven’t yet worked on it in the game, I’ve got it almost figured out how to set it up and get it working. It will probably take a lot of testing.

That said, I’ve already written Bill and James’s dialogue for during the AM, that’s one thing out of the way. They’ll have standard dialogue for each phase based on if they liked the action or not, and specific dialogue for a specific kind of action (as well as for each phase). Kissing a bachelor’s lips for example triggers the specific response instead of the general response.

I’ve also completely finished all of the bachelor’s dialogue when asking the 2-5th heart level questions as well as the BFF questions (none of the other questions though). Whew, I need to start cracking on completing Calvin and Roy’s regular dialogue.

James’s responses were pretty fun to write, he’s such as a blunt jerk. I want to spoil you guys with some of his dialogue, but that’s just too much haha. Instead I’ll spoil you guys with Calvin and Roy’s response to the question: Do you have any hobbies? as I did with Bill and James.

Calvin’s conversation
Calvin: “Oh sure, I like to read for one.”
MC: “What kind of genre do you like to read?”
Calvin: “I like fantasy stories, as well as a bit of romance in it.”
MC: “So you like to read romance stories?”
Calvin: “… Shh, don’t say it out loud.”
MC: “Haha.”
Calvin: “I also like to take nature pictures with my camera.”
MC: “Really?”
Calvin: “I’ve even won a few photography contests, but nothing big.”
MC: “Wow, that sounds impressive.”
Calvin: “Ahh, don’t flatter me.”

Roy’s conversation
Roy: “I like to be on the computer and play videogames.”
MC: “What kind of videogames?”
Roy: “Oh, all sorts of them. I like puzzles the most though.”
MC: “Hah, I figured you’d like action games.”
Roy: “Well, adventure puzzles are very fun to play – but I mainly like to solve the puzzles.”
MC: “Does that mean you’re kind of smart?”
Roy: “Are you implying I’m actually kind of not?”
MC: “N-no.”
Roy: “Haha, it’s okay. I’m not stupid or anything.”

7 thoughts on “Affection Mode mock-up 2

  1. I wouldn’t mind beta-testing this… ;3
    Jk, actually, I was in school doing a report, had to check my email, and saw this update.
    Of course, totally forgot it was NSFW (thank gawd no one was looking <.<)

    ANY-way, I like how you wrote Calvin and Roy's dialogues. It's not TOO revealing, and it doesn't give the MC much insight as to their affections. It's a very acquaintance-y conversation, as opposed to most typical dating-game responses, where it's totally obvious that the guy has a thing for you from the start, just from the way he speaks.
    I'm looking forward to this game even more–depending on who the player chooses, the relationship seems like it could grow naturally, from strangers-to-acquaintance-to-friend-to-more than friends, etc., which is something refreshingly new. Hopefully I'm not just repeating myself here…if I've said something similar in the past, I apologize in advance.

    • I don’t think anyone would mind testing this XD

      I’m all for the friendship-slowly-progressing-to-relationship kind of thing, I love writing about it too – so of course Tailor Tales will have it too! There’s 10 set of questions you can ask during the 2nd and 3rd heart level, which are pretty platonic and don’t really go that deep. Then during the 4th and 5th heart level, when the bachelor has feelings for you, you can ask much more intimate questions which do show his affection for you.

      The BFF questions are just pure torture for the guys though haha. I recommend going the BFF route with Calvin since his responses are much more romantic during this stage.

      One thing you should all remember though, they will all at some point lie when you ask them a question, they’re not always going to be truthful, or they might not always answer.

      • Thanks, Celianna! It all sounds very interesting, especially the occasional-lying part. Have a nice break, as well :). You definitely deserve it. (Kinda saw it coming, too, because with all these new ideas and questionnaire setups, there’s gotta be some new scripts to go along with it…)

  2. The affestion mode looks way better then it did before! Also don’t give yourself too much work, it’ll be good no matter what you do! The conversation is really cute, I can’t wait to play the next beta!

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