AM Mock-up 3

I swear, this is really what it’s gonna end up looking like, more or less.

(ignore the ugly hand >_>)

I’ve removed most clutter from the screen, it’s now very open and more intuitive than the previous two versions. Instead of highlighting each body part as you shuffle through them, now you’ll simply hover a hand or mouth on top of said body part. This does mean all bachelors will be drawn in the same pose to avoid confusion.

The meter is now gone, and is invisible. You can only see at which phase you are in by the colour of the heart, blue (reserved), purple (friendly), pink (sensitive) and red (hot). This heart beats throughout the entire thing. Once you’ve selected an action to perform, the heart will beat bigger a couple of times depending on if he likes it, really likes it, or it’s his favourite. It turns into a broken heart if he didn’t like it. That means, no voices (too messy to rely on voice actors).

If you manage to get a really like from the bachelor, it will keep count of it in the form of a small star underneath the heart. Get 3 really likes in a row (so 3 stars) and you can perform his favourite action. Sort of like a combo, really.

Now that I’ve got the definitive design, I can actually start working on it. Though of course, only when I’m not being swamped by work.

21 thoughts on “AM Mock-up 3

  1. Hi :D Um, I didn’t know where to put this but I adore the very idea of your game. Its wonderful ^-^ I was just wondering when the next beta was coming out…?

  2. Bill looks exactly like someone I like O_O Besides the red hair color, the green eyes, and the less stern expression, they look like carbon copies.

  3. It’s really interesting the way you made this thing :D
    It’s not messy like you said, is just more “clean” and simple to understand.
    Keep up the great work! (^o^)b

  4. It’s…it’s so beautiful! *sniff*

    So, just to add some input on the AM, I think you made a good choice not having the sounds. (“Messy” is the perfect way to describe it XD. Actually, it might get a little too…um…”oomph” [?] for the game. But that’s just my nonsensical opinion *laughs*.)
    I’m curious, though. Are there still voice actors for the characters? Rather, do the bachelors and/or NPC’s make sounds or talk in the game at all? I can’t remember if you said they would speak/not speak in the regular dialogue :/.

    • The reason why there won’t be any voices is because I don’t want to rely on other people to provide the dialogue at the moment.

      Not to mention I got denied posting an audition on the most popular voice acting community because the admin deemed my game a hentai game.

      So there won’t be any voices at all. Maybe in the next TT.

      • hentai? It’s nothing like hentai!!!! And truthfully, if you choose to not have voices in the end, I doubt many will mind at all. I certainly won’t!

        • Agreed :)
          …But it’s a shame it’s considered hentai. I had no idea that once a game is considered hentai, they don’t permit voice acting for even a regular day-to-day conversation with a significant other… It’s nice to learn new stuff once in awhile.

  5. ooh, awesome! will there be any way to tell which area we’re selecting? maybe a slight highlight, or the rest of it darkened other than the part you hover over? otherwise I feel as though I might mess up between eyes/cheeks, hands/arms, etc. >w>

    • It’ll just be the hand/mouth that hovers over the body part. But don’t worry, they’re distinct. The hand will be the actual hand, and the arm will be his upper (our) left arm, so there’s no mistake there.

      The cheek will be selected on (our) left, and his right eye will be selected instead to avoid confusion. You can actually see this in the animation as I shuffle through head > ear > eyes > cheek > mouth.

      • Haha, no, the mouse is not used in Tailor Tales, just buttons XD

        You’ll be forced to shuffle through them in order, so eventually you’ll get used to the order and make no mistake.

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