Slight overhaul of portrait system

The portrait system was already basically done, it’s just missing the right images. Right now I’m re-doing it so that it’s more organized and I can also easily add stuff onto it, since I’m planning on having all of the bachelor’s portrait changed after the 5th heart event.

While I’m thinking of doing that, I wondered; should I make my portraits blink their eyes and move their mouths when they talk? It’s feasible, and wouldn’t be that much work to do, but I’ll ask for your opinions first. The animations wouldn’t be very fluid, just a cycle of two frames, and that’s it.

Edit: Alright, since 60% is for blinking eyes, that’s what I will do! It’s pretty easy as well anyway, so no worries. The overhaul of the portrait system means I will be layering clothes on top of a naked base (instead of just showing clothes on top of nothing), so that I can fit different outfits on them when I need it. Like if I need them in a swimsuit or something.

I’m also re-doing the emotions in the face so that it’s more consistent, and easier to make on all other NPCs. To give you all a treat, here’s Bill’s naked base. I will definitely have a more mature style in the next game though …

4 thoughts on “Slight overhaul of portrait system

  1. My opinion wasn’t there, actually. I say that it’d be basically pointless but if its something you WANT to do, go for it. I support your decision.

    • That would be ‘no opinion’ then haha.

      Sure, pointless – but I’ve noticed that blinking eyes really makes it feel more alive than just a static image. Yeah, I think I’m gonna do the blinking, but not the moving mouths.

  2. I put no opinion on the poll but in actuality I think that it doesn’t really need it but if you are going to do something then it needs to be both the blinking and the mouth movements.

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