Aaaand portrait overhaul done

Two posts below I said I was tweaking the portrait system, and it’s done now. So here’s an in-game screenshot:

I know what you’re thinking, it seems … uhh … like I did nothing – but trust me, underneath those clothes is a naked Bill (I think if you lag in the game enough, you will actually see the naked base for a second before the clothes are put on …). He also blinks, and the blue heart beats as well, which adds movement and life to an otherwise static screen. Yay, I’ve injected some life in the portraits.

There are now:
– 20 different eyes
– 13 different mouths
– 7 different eyebrows
– 4 standard bases (blushing, etc.)
– 3 special tops (sweatdrop, crying etc.)

With those kind of numbers, I can literally make over a hundred different expressions. Of course, I had to sacrifice different poses for the characters, but I’d rather have a nearly unlimited amount of emotions available with only one pose (as well as blinking eyes!), than have 6 static images to show 6 emotions in different poses. It means the expressions will match the dialogue much, much closer.

Err, the regular NPCs have a lot less, but still enough to create more than 15 different expressions.

I’m actually rather proud of creating the portrait system @_@

Bill will be the only one who will have his portrait finished at the moment, everyone else gets a placeholder.

Oooh, I think I’m gonna add a slight tweak to the system again. There’s 6 standard templates to chose from when building up the portrait (so I don’t have to do it manually each time), with number 1 being the standard ‘normal eyes, normal mouth, normal eyebrows’. This will get shown a lot when you talk to them. I’m gonna make it so that template number 1 will change according to his heart level. So James at a black heart level will glare at you with template number 1, but at a red heart level, you might see him blush.

Edit: ok, that didn’t take long. Template 1 will most of the time be shown during shops, so here’s Bill’s template 1 during different heart levels. It will also change depending on status!

6 thoughts on “Aaaand portrait overhaul done

  1. I just had the funniest thought. When you said “…but trust me, underneath those clothes is a naked Bill…” I thought to myself, “Oh! Just like in real life!”

    I have a bit of a strange thought process…

  2. Adorable! Great job! I can’t wait to give this game a try one day! It looks quite promising I must admit! With the new template its going to make the game amazing <3 Good luck!

  3. BILL
    It seems he’s getting more and more adorable the more you post about him. ;A;
    But now I’m curious with Roy’s templates. I wonder how he’ll look like in the last to heart levels…

    • I love Roy… but seeing Bill so much….. I love him too! And he really is getting cuter everytime he’s posted! Good job the animations and newer emotions! I can’t wait to see what else will be made!

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