It has begun

(I comment my stuff so that other VX users are able to understand the process.)

Uhh, well, if the above image wasn’t obvious enough already, I’ve started actual work on the AM system! Whoo! Enough planning and procrastinating, I’m getting some work done this time. Since I’m taking a break from work because of the holidays, I hope I can get this done before work starts again.

Let’s ignore the fact that I changed some things around again even after the 3rd mock-up.
To let you guys know as well, body parts and moves (kiss/slap/hold etc.) are unlocked after a certain amount of dates, as well as per heart level (or even status). Yeah, it might seem like fun to give you the kiss option when you’re at a black heart level but, sad to say, you won’t unlock this until the 5th heart level. I originally had it planned to not let you kiss them until they were your boyfriend, but ehh, that was too much. Regardless, making it like this means all heart levels will each bring new moves and body parts to unlock to prevent you from being bored by repeating the same thing over and over again.

And I’ve got some other good news, someone is finally scripting my choice script – which is very, very fundamental to the game. So that means once that is done, I can work on the dating system as well.

The amount of dates you go on now also matter in unlocking the primary heart events (and other regular events). You need to have been on at least 50 dates to unlock the 5th heart event, as well as all body parts and modes. Don’t worry, you can still go out on dates in the censored version, so there’s no problem there. You can go out on dates about 3 times a week, depending whether or not the bachelor is free (Roy has the most free days, so he’d be easier).

I might let you date during festivals – so basically they’ll be in their home all day long, waiting like a puppy for you to come invite them. That’s still a maybe, I might just make it an automatic event where the bachelor with the highest affection comes to your home to invite you instead. Hmm, which one would you like more?

Oh, and a random little tidbit; befriending Nikki should be something on your to-do list as she is key in unlocking several random events with the bachelors. That’s basically the only reason why I even created her … haha. She’s your girl friend, so treat her like one!

7 thoughts on “It has begun

  1. I think it would be nice to ask if you know of the holiday and can ask a day in advanced, but if you don’t you can get a random bachelor who will ask you that morning of the holiday if you want to go.

  2. Actually, I like the idea of having the bachelor with the highest heart level come and invite you out on festival days. It’s probably more work, but maybe only once they reach a certain heart level? If they’re at black heart or other really low levels, they might not like you enough to take initiative?

    Also, I have been following this project since it started and as one of the probably few men who want to play this game when it’s released, I wanted to finally say “Hi!” :) Good luck!

    • It would be less work to make it automatic with the bachelor that has the highest affection for you to ask you out, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

      But being able to decide yourself on who to ask out would be nice … hmmm … especially if you’re going toe BFF route, which would mean that your BFF has lower affection than his rival. Hmm, still undecided.

      And don’t worry, you’re not the only guy who wants to play this game!

      • I like that guys want to play this game along with everyone else. It really shows how much people like and are waiting patiently for the game to make progress and finish!

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