AM jargon

The more I work on the AM, the more I see it as an entirely separate game, that could stand on its own – it’s that complicated.

But, I feel like sharing my technicalities with you guys! It’ll probably help you out as well when actually beta testing it, or playing through it.

The AM process is simple for the player. It’s divided into 4 steps:

– Choose the mode (hand or mouth)
– Choose the move (12 available)
– Choose the body part (11 available)
– Reap results

Bam, couldn’t get any easier than that. Of course, it’s a whole ‘nother story behind the curtains.

Each bachelor has its own preferences, which also change per phase. No bachelor would like you to suck his nipples (yes, that’s an option) during the first phase – so yeah. Of course, not only that, but these likes and dislikes are randomized each round (a round is when you get to pick a new mode, move, body part etc.), based on not only the phase they are in, but also on how many things you have unlocked.

This means … a shitload of work for me. Haha. What was I thinking?

Anyways, the system will grade your move based on 2 things: whether or not he liked or disliked that body part, and whether or not he liked or disliked that move. A like gives you +1, a dislike gives you -1, the best you can get is obviously a 2, the lowest -2. But because of that, you are basically confined to getting only 2 right moves at a time, when you can choose between over 24. So, to make the chances of getting a good grade higher, the system basically randomizes the likes and dislikes again twice, in the hopes of giving you a better grade – if you haven’t already gotten a perfect score. Of course, this could also mean getting a bad grade, but if you simply avoid his disliked moves and body parts, you’ll do fine.

What are his likes and dislikes? Psh, as if I’d tell you. Much more fun seeing people trying to figure out what the bachelors like themselves.

Of course, there are special moves which has its own fixed grade. For example, each bachelor has a favourite move – which you can only do after getting 3 perfect graded moves in a row. Then there’s the standard eye poke move which no one likes, that sort of stuff.

Anything that isn’t liked or disliked, is simply ‘neutral’ and scores you a few points. Not much, but at least you’re not losing any.

Get 4 horrible grades in total, and the AM will end prematurely, regardless of how far you got. This is reset every phase though, so you can screw up 4 times in each phase.

You also can’t have the same move as your previous one, it will result in a bad grade, so choose a different move every round!


I still have a lot to do … so to keep this from being totally boring, here’s a pretty picture of a sunset that I made and will be used as a BG in the AM system:

Edit: I’ve worked on it some more, and so far I’ve got the framework done. Really the only thing that is missing is the portrait, the dialogue, and the actual parameters. Other than that, works like a charm.

So here’s an in-game screenshot with a floating hand since there is no portrait available yet :’D

It might not seem like much, but there’s an invisible body there that you can touch in 84 different ways!

13 thoughts on “AM jargon

  1. …so… technically… you could rape the bachelors in Affection Mode? I mean, I’d assume something like “TOUCH HIM ON THE PENIS” is available as an action (hell, even “suck his nipples” is pretty sexual), and you could repeat this action four times before he finally manages to throw you off?


  2. You lost me at “No bachelor would like you to suck his nipples (yes, that’s an option)”. I gawked at my screen for five straight minutes xD
    I don’t really get the system though. Here’s what I understood: each time your select a move, the game randomly decides whether or not the bachelor will like or dislike it.
    I don’t think that’s what you’re planning, but that’s how I understood it ^^

    • Ah, let me make it a bit more simple:

      There’s 84 unique moves you can perform in total. Obviously the bachelor will like some of them (the majority of course), and dislike others. So let’s say he likes about 60 different moves – out of these 60 moves, the game will randomly pick out a few which he will like ‘at the moment’, so that the gameplay will have replay value.

      For example, he might like you to ‘hold his hand’ one round, but not the other round – despite it being something he prefers. Hope that explained it more!

      • Not to offend or give the wrong idea but, it was the same with me: when I saw suck his nipples as an option….. I stared at the screen for a good few minutes before laughing hard. I was not expecting that! My mom actually came in and thought I went mental :) But love seeing the progress!!!

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