AM early test

Let’s ignore the missing dialogue, the static portrait and the sketchy backgrounds.

So guys, the Affection Mode system is technically working. It has absolutely no dialogue as of yet, and the portraits aren’t programmed into it yet either, and then there’s the unfinished backgrounds – but it works.

Choosing a move works, choosing a body parts works, unlocking moves/body parts works, setting the parameters works, returning the correct dialogue works, getting to the next phase works, the heart beating works. Yeah guys, the AM is basically set at this point. I’m just missing some data, so I’m using placeholders, but I got it to work.

You have no idea how much work it was setting up the AM.  Surprisingly I only encountered 1 bug while testing it, which I fixed and bam, everything worked like a charm. That’s the power of pre-planning for yah.


Ok, I can go take a break now.

9 thoughts on “AM early test

          • I have another question to ask. Since the AM mode is kinda Not Safe For Work, I just would like to know what other things in the game are NSFW and what thing in the game are worksafe?

            • If you are worried about such things, then just play the censored version when it comes out, it’ll be completely safe for kids to play (you cannot access affection mode in the censored version).

              The worst the uncensored version gets is having a half naked guy on your bed, and sucking his nipples during AM.

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