List of things to do

My main goal is to create a playable demo for Tailor Tales that lasts for 1 season, so effectively you can only play through Spring.

And I keep getting side-tracked by working on things that don’t even show up until much later in the game (such as marriage). So I’ve decided to put together a list of what I should have finished to create this playable demo.

So here’s the list, and I’m sticking to it.

Tailor Tales Spring Demo

====Not available in the demo===

  •   Affection Mode
  •   Cooking
  •   Fishing



  • All regular portraits
  • All sprites
  • Most of the icons


  • Intro
  • 1st heart event of all bachelors
  •  RP system
  •  NPC schedules
  •  Gift system
  •  All shops
  •  Spring festivals
  •  Player’s birthday
  •  House expansion
  •  Dates


  •  1st heart event dialogue for bachelors
  •  Regular dialogue for all other NPCs
  •  Dates dialogue & questions

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my list of what I absolutely need to have done to complete this Spring demo. This means no more working on the AM and getting side tracked. No, I have to be strong and work on only what is needed for the demo.

My current goal is: to get the dating system to work (activities and such).

… if I have the time for it, that is, I need to get back to real work >_>

7 thoughts on “List of things to do

    • It stands for Relationship Points. Basically everything that has got to do with you raising affection with the guy counts as relationship points, and it’s what drives the game behind the scenes.

  1. Gambatte yo! …Well, whatever that means. Good luck!
    (Prioritization is hard, but having a goal helps, doesn’t it! Just keep it in mind ^_^)

  2. Looks like you have thought out everything that must be needed at the moment! I admire your determination to get all of these done so you can send out a demo!

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