How James met Bill

Because I’m in a writing mood lately (working on a present tense style), I figured I’d write out a short story on how James met Bill. It gives me a chance to flesh out his past a bit more, get a better grasp on his personality, and even show some subtle hints of things to come. James is so much fun to write!

Don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled, obviously, it’s set before Tailor Tales. There’s also other spoilers, but they’re rather minor.

I’d love to write a Calvin and Roy meeting as well, but that would mean I’d have to write about some huge spoilers, so I can’t >_< sorry!

Either way, read it here!

Also, I’m so not hinting at a potential bachelor that lives in Gion for Tailor Tales 2 …

9 thoughts on “How James met Bill

  1. Aww… that was so cute! They are my favorite bachelors, too! w< (and I have a ginger fetish, LOL). I don`t understand why is he the least favorite bachelor ._.
    It would be good to se more of these… So, I have a question. Do you get to know what happened to Buck if you go for James in the game? Because if not, please upload some story about that, I`m quite curious about it. I like Buck, too~
    Off topic: Which is you favorite bachelor, Celianna? I guess that Bill, since he is your test subject… But, you always talk about how fun is to write James` dialogue, so…

    • Yup, Buck’s story is heavily intertwined with James’s, so you will get to find out what happened before James moved to Claner! It will be revealed during his 4th heart event, so I won’t be writing any stories about that ;)

      My favourite bachelor is Bill, I’m a sucker for shy redheads, and he was my first bachelor too. But James is the most fun to write though; he’s such a jerk, so writing him is a lot of fun, and very easy too.

      But Bill’s still my favourite, he swoons me off of my feet. James doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body.

      Bill needs more love though! >_<

      • Yaay~ then I will look forward to marrying James to know more about it XD. I hope you will write stories about other characters, tough.
        My favorite is Bill too .<)… If you woo James, then you will know about Buck, right? Then, is there a character that has his/her story "intertwined" with Bill? His mother, perhaps? (just guessing by the fiction)
        Again, sorry if my curiousity is a bother to you. And for my bad english too.

        • Buck is sort of a special case in this regard, he’s the only NPC that is really close to one of the bachelors (Nikki coming in second, being a good friend of both Calvin and Roy, but not playing a huge part), hence why he’ll be intertwined with James’s route. Everyone else is really just a regular NPC.

          But each bachelor has his own history, you’ll find out when you play ;)

          As for more stories, perhaps! After all, Tailor Tales started out as just a story.

      • Awh, I love both BIll and James. Bill because… i mean who doesn’t love redheads? And James because since he is a jerk, its natural for me (i date jerks and are friends with many :P)

        Buttttt, my favorite is Roy :) He makes me swoon over just his profile!!! I’m not really sure why I love him so much….. but that’s beside the point! The only one I don’t love is Calvin. Just not my type of guy but in general I love this project and can’t wait for it to be finished! Celianna, you’ve actually inspired me a while back to make my own game! If only I was as talented as you -_- (I’m asian, yet i cannot draw people for my life) You’re amazing!

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