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So I just finished writing out James’s 5th heart event, which is, if you didn’t know yet, the ‘confession’ heart event. It’s over 2000 words, and damn, I better make sure the other bachelors get the same treatment! It almost feels like a visual novel really.

I know that at first I didn’t really want the main character to talk that much, but one-sided conversations are hard. Hard I tell you! So yes, the main character talks quite a bit. At least she’s not some dumb idiot like most female protagonists in visual novels with no spine (though there are the necessary ‘I’m too dumb to notice’ moments which are needed for the plot). In fact, hers and James’s bickering are some of my favourite parts to write.

Highlight the text for some spoilers when you’re James’s girlfriend to see my point:

Question: What do you like about me?
James: “No idea. There’s not much to pick from.”
MC: “One day I’ll punch you in the face.”
James: “Geez, what’s with your reactions? You used to just take my pestering.”
MC: “More like harassment.”
James: “Well then, you seemed to like being harassed by me. Hypocrite much?”
MC: “Who said I liked it!”
James: “Obviously you did, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now.”
MC: “…”

It’s what won me over and made James my second favourite. Haha. Jerks are so much fun to write. I can’t believe how much smarter James sounds than me, and I’m the one writing him.

Anyways, I should probably do something more productive with my time … such as drawing! So here’s a sketch:

Helga is one of the few people who got a total overhaul. She was supposed to be a real redhead, but not anymore. The idea for her design just hit me out of no where, and I quickly dotted it down and it suits her perfectly, more so than her previous design. I love it.

Now I can’t decide whether to make her son, Eddie, a redhead like his sister (the father is the real redhead in this family), or give him the black hair from his mom. Hmm.

I think Tailor Tales is biased towards redheads :’D

12 thoughts on “Writing + Helga

  1. There was never any hate messages! But I remember some other fans vehemently defending Bill last time I spoke up.

    Yeah, I’ll stay silent for now, but only on your promise that you’ve got plans for that character.

    I don’t come here often so I’ll probably see you in a few months.

    See ya!

  2. Hey! Remember me? I’m the jerk a few months back who said that Bill was too passive and James is a much better character!
    You’ll soon have James as your favourite! Its so easy to like him!
    Seriously, I will always have a reason to play this game as long as James is still in it.

    In Japan I’d call Bill’s type 「草食男子」 “Herbivore males”; basically guys with no spine.
    Quote from above text: “At least she’s not some dumb idiot like most female protagonists in visual novels with no spine.”
    … Describes Bill perfectly. Girls won’t like Bill and guys won’t either. Just look at the polls.

    As a straight guy playing as a girl trying to woo a guy that acts like a passive female it is just too much for my simple brain. I’d rather just hook my bro James up with a cute girl and enjoy some comedy while I’m at it.

    I love this game and all the work you’ve put into it. I criticize because I love. If I didn’t like this game I would just ignore what’s going on and move on.

    Feel free to delete my post but my feelings won’t change. You can just keep in mind that I definitely won’t be playing a 3rd of the game that you’ve worked so hard to put together as it stands right now.

    Since there are no forums to discuss this, email me at mike_buxton (at) hotmail (dot) com to spam my inbox with hate, or to have a dialogue about my concerns if you’d like.

    • Huh, what, why’d I’d send you hate messages?

      Yes Bill has issues with his self esteem and standing up for himself, a great part of his character development is spend on getting him to change so that he does have a spine, so I have no problems with you calling as it is.

      However comparing Bill with a personality-less heroine doesn’t quite mix, because those kind of heroines are written like they’re airheaded so that they propel the story forwards, and well, they have no personality – Bill is not an airhead, and he does have a personality. He’s passive, but not stupid.

      I love his interactions with James, actually. James is his best (and only) friend, and he talks much more freely and without repercussion with him – something which he’ll be like if you marry him. So don’t worry, Bill won’t stay spineless forever, just like Roy won’t stay a flirt forever, and Calvin won’t be apathetic towards you forever. James will still stay a jerk though, haha.

    • No offense but if you’re just a straight guy, why are you so confident you’re the expert on cute guys? Not every male character has to be an asshole.

  3. Well for Eddie, why don’t you make his hair black with hints of red, or red with hints of black? It’s all about the compromise. And I love Roy, but after seeing this dialogue for James, I’ll definitely go for him!

    • …Except they’d have to be highlights because it isn’t possible for someone to naturally have red and black hair, which leaves no point for Eddie to have red and black hair….

      Not saying your idea is wrong or anything (;._.) I’m just expressing my opinion…

  4. Reading this made me love James even more, if that’s even possible! He’s amazing, haha. Can’t wait for Tailor Tales to be available for us (: Keep up the good work!

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