Taking a break ~

Okay, you probably already noticed I haven’t posted anything in over a month, but I figured I’d leave a post behind either way.


I’m taking a small break from Tailor Tales. That doesn’t mean it’ll be dropped, of course not! But don’t expect any updates for now.


And thanks for all of your support guys <3

15 thoughts on “Taking a break ~

  1. We miss you Celianna! I hope you are having a good break from all the stress this whole project gives you, but I also hope to see you back here soon!! <3

  2. I can’t wait for the next update, Cel. I hope the break doesn’t last long, ’cause we’re all waiting. But you sure do need a rest. Everyone needs rest, you know?

  3. Truly hope to see you again soon Cel, it’s completely bull what they did on rmvx. You will be missed there if not by those assholes at least by your fans.

  4. wtf a break get back on the job u lazy cow no no no im just joking u need a break hav a nice long break filled with lots of realxing baths everyone needs breaks and u have done such an amazing job on talior tales so far i hope u love ur break

    • i agree with u…. i hope Celianna enjoys the break buuuuuut i sinserly hope that this is not going on hold for yrs.

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