Script conflicts

Blah, I was messing around a bit, and the script I commissioned for longer choices of text is messing things up.

Other scripts are messing things up as well. So I had to remove both those scripts. So no more longer sentences for choices, and most importantly; you cannot walk through NPCs. This becomes a problem when going on a date, as the bachelor follows you, and he can get you stuck. I think I need to do some clever eventing with that to allow the player to pass through them.

You’d think it’d be easy, but it’s ridiculously hard X_X praise Harvest Moon for always having had this sort of feature!

As for the choices, I think it’ll have to come down to me simply using pictures again for choices (I always fix it with pictures, don’t I?), and not add that many in the game. It sucks, but if the script I was using was breaking my game, I can’t do much about it.

Oh, and I noticed my evented menu needs some bug-fixing as well. Hah, lots of fixing to do.

On another note, I started to add Buck into the game! His schedule, I mean, no one talks yet, they just walk around.

Anyways, I’m still on hiatus, I was just cleaning up some code and yeah, removing scripts. I won’t respond to comments asking when I’ll be back. I learned my lesson with Pretty Ore; I am not a person you want to ask these questions of, because it’ll increase the time I’ll be away, sort of counter-productive. Either way, thanks for still sticking around!

2 thoughts on “Script conflicts

  1. It’s great to hear from you again! Enjoy the rest of your Hiatus! Sorry the scripts are causing you some trouble, but it will all work out :D

  2. Well if I had any power to persuade you people i should suggest that you should first make it a little well simple so that conflict don’t happen <3 love ur game btw bye

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