Quick fix and LJ

Okay, I mentioned previously that I’ll have to do some clever eventing to make the player pass through NPCs, right?

Well, after clever eventing, I realized, I’m making this way too completed than it should be. So now, the only way to pass through events, is to hold both the X button (A on keyboard) and the C button (Z/Space/Enter on keyboard) at the same time. It’ll make you go through the NPC and you can free yourself if they get you stuck.

It was ridiculously easy to do.

Now let’s hope this won’t make the player pass through things they shouldn’t be able to pass …

Anyways, on another note, I’ve got something fun for you guys while I laze off and do nothing. Remember the funny comics? Well, I’m doing something like that again, except it’s in the form of a LiveJournal, and I’m roleplaying the characters on there. You can’t post, only I can, so all you can do is read, but I hope it’s fun! For those who own a LJ, just watch the journal in case I post anything new.

Link here: Tailor Tales LiveJournal.

6 thoughts on “Quick fix and LJ

  1. haha luv it! that was teally smart keep up the good work!!! I haven’t been here since the sofia post- i almost forgot about this! anyway, i’m writing a creepypasta called harvest moon 46 (just hyping it up) and i know how you feel!!! you just go on with your life and slightly forget about it! then everyone wants to know when it’ll be done and your like “oooooh yeeeah….” then you start to give up cuz u think it sucks, but then you look at it and realize it’s amazing so i fix some stuff and make it better then pretty soon you’re working on it again!!!

  2. I love the live journal roleplays. Needs more shirtless buck though…shirtless buck and james….fanfiction…Yes. anyways from my mind of madness. so happy to hear you slowly working on this again can’t wait to see whats next!!!

  3. It’s really great to see from you! I’ve been here almost everyday to check if you’re back!
    You roleplaying the characters is awesome!

  4. That’s awesome! I just recently discovered this project. Best of luck and I can’t wait till it’s completed! *^^*

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